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I thought that this bill passing would be on every gunboard, but I only found it on one and it was in the ohio hometown forum. I guess good news doesn't spread like bad news does on garboards.  


so I thought I would post what is in SB234;


allows hunting with silencers


eliminates the stupid definition that a automatic weapon is also  any semi-auto center fire weapon with a  magazine that holds more then 31 rounds. that means you no longer have to be looking behind you when you put that loading 100 round BETA DRUM in your AR, now you can go to a public range with it, insert it with a big smile and shoot away


mandates that sheriffs "must sign" NFA forms, when a background check on the individual shows that he is not barred from owing a firearm.  and just like a CCW sign off, a individual can go a adjoining county for a Sherriff signature.


that means for you guys like me that live in Cuyahoga, or as I call it corruptahoga county, you can go to medina, lake,   geauga counties (pro-gun) for signatures. or if you want to deal with summit and lorain.


having a misdemeanor (traffic ticket etc..)  will no longer be justification for a Sheriff not signing your CCW application.


when buying a firearms from a FFL, your CCW license is your background check, so there would be no need for the FFL to call NICS  where you might possibly be delayed.


ohio CCW has reciprocity with ALL CCW states.


and any ohio resident can now buy a long gun, shotgun  from any FFL  in  any state, not just adjoin states,  providing that that state doesn't prohibit the sale to a out of state resident. this does not include handguns, those will still have to bought intrastate or transferred to a ohio FFL  



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 I think a traffic ticket is an infraction.



and besides traffic tickets, just about anything that is small and petty you might get charged with is also consider a misdemeanor. get cited for high grass and have to go to magistrate court, you come out with a misdemeanor  charge if found guilty.


which is particular why this bill address it,  some sheriffs took it upon themselves that just because a person has a misdemeanor(s) charge(s) that gave them a reason to deny them a CCW.  those are same type of 'public officials"  that don't believe that citizens should even own a handgun for protection, let alone carry one for protection. they believe that  only cops should own handguns not john q. public.

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It's about time! We've had the CCW for a background check here in Kansas since 2011. People think Kansas is behind everyone, but in some respects we're ahead of the curve. It amazes me that when a law to implement simple, sensible measures for the law abiding takes place, somewhere else, idiots are trying to ruin businesses because of their products. (Sandyhook lawsuit against Bushmaster) People don't sue the auto makers when a drunk driver kills someone or the refrigeration company for storing bad food. Good to hear Matthew, your state has needed these changes. It would be great if California could vote out those gun hating liberals once and for all and apply the same reasoning.  

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Ours was vetoed by a fuckstain democrat. He is pro gun but does not understand hearing damage. Silencers protect hearing and unfortunately make it difficult for trained professionals to calculate distance from the shooter or location. I guess that's why they remain so spooky to law enforcement.


Some of the most liberal fruit boot countries in the world allow silencers, suppressors, cans or whatever you want to call them for safe and hearing damage free hunting.


The statutes here are so fucked up. I can have a 50 bmg from walmart but no silencer. Fucked.


I want my autos already.

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