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Dinzag Bullet Guide Install Problem

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Okay, since hi-cap mags for unmodified IZ-240s seem to be the Holy Grail, and because I already have plenty of AK-74 mags kicking around, I decided to bite the...uh...bullet guide and install one in my Saiga.


I bought the complete kit from Dinzag, drilled, tapped, etc.  No problems.  But I can't start the screw to actually install the BG.


I tried the supplied screw plus a 6/32 that I had on hand.  No dice.  They just behave like the screw is too large for the hole.  I've run the tap through many times, right until it bottoms out against the receiver.


Any ideas?



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Are the threads on the screw damaged?


They don't seem to be.  I tested both the provided screw and the one I had on hand with a nut, they go together just fine.

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For my flat-bottom trunion Dinzag kit for the 5.45... the screw was sized 8-32. I think the round bottom ( or other 7.62's).... use a 6-32 screw. Check with Brian at Dinzag........

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You're right on the money, IPSC45.  Turns out, Dinzag sent me a 6/32 drill and tap with an 8/32 screw.  The screw was so small that I didn't pick up on the fact that it was the wrong size.

I got tired of waiting to hear back from Brian so I just picked up a stainless 6/32 x 3/8" button head screw and popped it in there with some blue Loctite.


Thanks for the replies, guys!

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