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WTS - Converted Saiga 12 w/ AGP & MD Drum Mags

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Hi guys.  I live in the people's republic of Connecticut, which you may be aware passed new laws outlawing the Saiga 12.  I'm grandfathered in and "registered" but the new laws require a lot of hoops to jump through just to transport such a firearm to the range.  Until I can move out of state, I am looking to thin the herd.  There are also ways around the registration requirements for certain firearms, of which the Saiga 12 is not one.  As a result, I am looking to sell my converted Saiga 12.  All work was performed by a gunsmith.  Completely converted to 922r specs.  Includes a Dragunov style stock, tri-rail, CSS puck, tromix trigger group, extended mag release, performance trigger spring, basically everything was bought through CSS.  I can include up to 7 mags.  I have the stock 5 round mag, one MD arms 20 round drum with black and clear covers, and five 10-round AGP mags.  The AGP mags were modified by the same smith so that when they will hold the bolt back on last round.  You will still have to pull back and press in the bolt hold open lever to change the mag, but it will at least provide visual indication of an empty magazine. 


This gun has been fired only a handful of times.  I am looking forward to this finding its way out of CT and into a free state.  I would consider selling the mags or drum separately but feel like I would probably jeapordize my ability to sell the remainder of the package if I part it out.


At any rate, I am looking to get $1250 shipped for the entire package.  Message me if interested.  Thanks.


Edit: no idea why these pictures are coming in upside down.  Thanks for being understanding.




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