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Red Army Standard Ammo Issues

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Hey Guys, been a while. To keep things short...


 I was at the range shooting SGL31 which has been flawless through 8K rounds. While shooting I had two malfunctions and also a failure to extract out of the chamber. Cleared them thinking it was a weird anomaly and on the next 2 or 3 rounds a case was stuck in the chamber bad. After destroying several cleaning rods and even getting one stuck in the barrel for a while a nice veteran helped me dig the case out with a sharp flat head. 


I later googled to see if anyone else has had a similar experience and it seems that there are several reports of the ammo not running right. There was even a guy who took dimension of the case and said the case neck or mouth was a hair thick.


I contacted Century aka RSA to see what they had to say:


Christopher Jensen (Century Arms)



Just like with any ammo manufacture sometimes there maybe a bad lot that gets through. We our working on fixing the quality control of our ammo manufactures and have addressed this situation.

Christopher Jensen (Customer Service Representative)




Submitted from the RAS Website:

Email: joebanda1213@yahoo.com
Message: Hello,
I just wanted to inform you that last week I was shooting your 5.45x39 cartridges in my SGL31 that had previously had ~8k flawless rounds through it. I had multiple jams in the first magazine ending with a stuck case in the chamber. Hopefully the barrel is not damaged by the casing or the procedure used to remove it. After my range trip I went home and found that this seems to be a common occurence on the internet. I just wanted to inform you and get your take on these experiences.

Thank you.


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HA ! This RAS ammo is crap ! The only time my Saiga, Waffen Werks, or M74 have a fail to extract is when I'm using up the last of that crap ammo ! Now that's 3 AK74's all having the same problem only when using that junk ammo !


My cure for stuck RAS casings is to use a AK steel cleaning rod and stell hammer. Then do a good job of cleaning out the chamber.

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Are there similar problems with the 7.62x39?  I was thinking of getting a few to test at my nazi anti-bimetal range.

I was wondering this myself. I bought some of the brass cases stuff awhile back and haven't had a chance to shoot it. Keep meaning to google it to see if anyone else had problems, but I'd sure like to have some input from a few members here

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I've had zero problems with the Ukraine-manufactured RAS 7.62x39. It's been good ammo.


I can't say one way or the other about the Romanian-manufactured stuff. The Romy lots do have the added benefit of having primer/bullet sealant applied.


I would say you need to inspect and clean your chamber thoroughly. You might have a very small case fragment stuck somewhere in there.

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