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Troy AK BattleRail (short) - will it work as-is?

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The descriptions I've read for the product lead me to adding the CSS split style hand guard retainer http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/dph-large-bracket.htm to meet the requirement for installation ( and fill the cutout for the left side sling loop) but those same descriptions also warn that the part doesn't fit all variation(s) of AK.


Will the hand guard fit up to the receiver housing without modification?

I want to change up the factory handguard, but not if the aluminum one is going to require whittling away & losing any Troy support in the event that a crack or some such appears.

What sort of mounting hardware is used by this accessory (that the four button head screws thread into)? Is there a bracket that is held in place by the AK style h/guard retainer?

I tried to look up install doc.s at the Troy site, and even photos/image of the part on the greater online community but no joy when trying to find these answers.

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Well, I took delivery of the (short) Troy BattleRail and performed a careful study of the situation and came to a realization that there is NO WAY what-so-ever that the rail can be installed EVEN if modification were an option.
While I'm still awaiting the Carolina Shooters hand guard anchor/mount ($59.95+ shipping!), I can see that it will be going back also.
The Troy part is gorgeous. While it is really well engineered and manufactured, it just can't accommodate the x39 Vepr's extra-stout barrel and accompanying fittings.
While I -might- comsider using it on my W.Works milled 74 (and MAYBE try to fit it to x39Vepr later), there is just no economical way to use it on the Vepr.
The upside-down saddle shaped mounting blocks of the Troy hand guard are too narrow (and shallow?) to fit over the Vepr. I'm uncertain whether custom sized copies of these blocks would even be possible with the existing Troy tube. Modifying the originals to work on the Vepr doesn't even look to be in the realm of possibility because of too little material, if the channel for a cleaning rod weren't there, maybe, but it's too tough to determine any further without a possibility of leaving tool marks on the parts and eliminating return for refund.

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The Magpul handguards won't fit VEPR's either. The barrel is too thick for them. To this day I haven't found a good VEPR handguard. I've all but given up on ever having a quality option. The Krebs would have been decent enough if they would have made their anchor screw hole precise instead of elongated. The elongated hole allows the rail to slide forward under any serious use. It's still solid and doesn't wiggle, but can slide forward and back about 1/4" or so which is entirely unacceptable.


My question is the Troy top rail any good? Does it stay put with some loctite and retain zero? I don't really trust the sloppy fitting Ultimak and want a solid solution.

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