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Part cost me about $75.00 and install was $200.00 Tom is not currently installing them per his wife Vicki. Found Atlas Custom Firearms LLC near me and was happy to do the install he may even get work from Tom for it.  The part is from Cadiz Gun Works or CGW.  It is not listed for sale on their website but you can call and talk to Vicki to order the part.

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basically what i am seein is itis just a lever on right side that gets pushed by mag follower. you have to grind the bolt and ejector block to install it though.....

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Any updates of how it has worked out? I installed mine and have been working out the little issues. I did notice the spring supplied just didn't seem to give enough tension(upward push). I wanted the catch to sit up against the rail and it just wasn't getting there. Anyway, I changed the spring with one from a AK parts baggie and it works now. Getting another hammer spring as I need the space and the stock hammer spring slides over the trigger frame and prevents the hammer from coming down low enough. I tweaked that spring but don't want it creeping back over. I am in the process of cerakoting and then hydro dipping this so it is blasted and tore down. Won't be able to test fire till afterwards. Did a magwell release extension and the added the safety tab since its striped down






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There are or were several threads here which address fitment and tuning of these in detail. The first round of purchasers had a lot of trouble getting them to work right and this resulted in some very good technical info. They would be from 3-4 years ago.

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