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ComBloc Optic Sighting In – Seems kinda sloppy to me

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How bout a ring clamp to help?


Am I missing something about how to sight in a ComBloc optic? Let me review w/o pictures and hopefully my proposition or question might make sense.


I know there are different scales, etc, etc, but let’s just say you set the elevation turret to 1 for 100m. 


1) You shoot a group.

2) Wherever the group lands you are supposed to loosen the turret’s two opposing screws (not the center one) and

3) twist the turret to raise/lower the chevron to the group with your right hand (I’m right handed) while

4) using the finger tips on your left hand to hold the thin graduated elevation ring stationary all while

5) looking through the scope.

6) The rifle must be firmly clamped in a lead sled or similar NOT to move.


So I’m using both hands all while looking through the scope and hoping to keep the rifle still. Same process for windage which is even harder if your are right handed.  This is what you do for POSP, POS, PU, PE, ONM76B and similar scopes – correct?  Am I missing something?


This is a hassle, messy and imprecise.  I can’t imagine this is how Russian snipers zero their scopes for extraordinary distance accuracy.  If this is in fact the technique then wouldn’t it make sense for there to be some external clamp that you could place on the elevation/windage rings to keep them stationary while you fire and adjust the turrets?  I’m almost tempted to gently try this with a small vice grip or similar.  The key will be to keep the clamp from moving.  Shrug . . . maybe some Gorilla Tape will do the job.


Ideas?  Clarification?  Feedback?

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If I remember correctly from sighting in mine, the turrets has a red mark as a point of reference, and the upper ring has tick marks. use those marks to tell how much adjustment you made. Fire another group and adjust more if need be. Theres no reason to look through the Scope while making the adjustments. You can use google translate but I forget if it moves the poi or poa with the adjustment. The sled will help confirm that you moved the reticle the correct amount but not a necessity, It just saves some ammo and time. hope that helps you out.

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