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NEW KPK-AB sighting system - PK-AB collimator red dot on steroids!

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New Sighting system from BelOMO includes a PK-AB collimator sight, a laser target designator and a tactical light.
Sighting system allows both accurate shooting at long distances and operative shooting at short distances with the help of a spot of a laser target designator.
Tactical light can provide detection and target illumination in low light.
At the wish a user can change positions of laser target designator and a tactical light.
KPK-AB sighting system is designed for Saiga and Vepr carbines.
Sighting system is exposed to loads of 580g when tested on resistance to mechanical shock.


In stock & ready to shiphttp://www.saiga-12.com/proddetail.asp?prod=KPK-AB




KPK_AB_00.jpg KPK_AB_02.jpg


KPK_AB_03.jpg KPK_AB_04.jpg


KPK_AB_05.jpg KPK_AB_06.jpg


KPK_AB_07.jpg KPK_AB_08.jpg


KPK_AB_09.jpg KPK_AB_10.jpg


KPK_AB_11.jpg KPK_AB_12.jpg





You also maybe interested in checking out the verity of other Russian sights and scopes of different magnifications and applications that we now carry from the famous optics manufacturer - Zenit-BelOMO!



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