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NEW Zenit BelOMO POSP and PK scopes, sights, and sighting systems!

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Dear Forum Members!


I would like to announce that we now are importing Russian optics, manufactured by Zenit-BelOMO, the largest manufacturer of optical scopes and sights on the territory of the former USSR, located in Belarus.


There was interest on the forum to optics and we decided to explore the possibility of bringing them to the United States. This summer we have even visited the factory in Minsk and left quite impressed. We are glad to announce that we are now an official distributor!


There are currently two types of scopes that are available in our store: Red Dot Collimator Sights and POSP Optical Crosshair Sights.


There are several different models that we carry with different mount types for Saiga, Vepr, Tigr, PSL, SKS, and SVD. We also have weaver rail mount sights that can be mounted on just about any platform.


Please visit our store to check them out - http://www.saiga-12.com/products.asp?cat=25


Let me know if you have any questions - I would be glad to help!








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Found this on their website to help identify which model to choose:


The optical sights are designed for aimed shooting from hunting rifles as well as for observing objects of nature.

Illumination of a reticle allows to aim in the twilight. There is a possibility of estimation of approximate distance to an object.

The optical sights are equipped with a rangefinding reticle.

There is a possibility of applying lateral corrections (with respect to wind, target movement) and angular corrections (with respect to distance to an object).

Hermetically sealed. Filling with nitrogen protects optics from sweating at temperature drops.

Operating temperature range is ± 50°C.


Decoding of signs after the name of sights:


B - is designed for installation on such carbines as "Vepr", "Saiga";

T - is designed for installation on such carbines as "Tigr";

W - is designed for installation on the gun with an upper locating of referring rods such as "Weaver", "Picatinny rail";

L - is designed for installation on carbines "Korshun", "Sobol", "PZh-18NM";

L7 - is designed for installation on a carbine "Los-7" and its modifications;

L9 - is designed for installation on a carbine "Los-9" and its modifications;

D - there is a possibility of eyepiece's regulation from a minus 3 up to plus 3 diopters depending on individual characteristics of vision;

M - modernized rangefinding reticle;

C - there is a choice of brightness of reticle's illumination depending on conditions of visibility;

Pro - there is a possibility of more accurate sighting at the target;

Digits 1,2... - reticle's numbers.

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