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2 Idiots, 1 Gun Shop, Employee Negligence & Violations of Golden R

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VIDEO: Former GPD Officer Files Lawsuit After Gunstore Incident
Posted: Sat 10:39 PM, Jan 10, 2015

GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- A former Glasgow police officer is suing a Barren County gun store after being handed a loaded gun from under the counter and accidentally shooting his finger off.

According to a civil lawsuit filed Friday, former Glasgow police officer Darrell Smith went into Barren Outdoors back in March and asked to see a .380 caliber handgun.

He then held the gun after receiving it from under the counter. Smith began to examine the gun and then cocked it. The gun was actually loaded and fired, shooting off part of Smith's index finger.

Smith's attorney, Alan Simpson, said the incident caused him to lose his job as a police officer, and the suit is to make up for income he's lost.

"He's permanently disfigured. He went through a lot of pain and suffering. He's gone through several surgeries. He's got a lot of medical bills that have to be paid. It ended his career and he's going to have a lot of lost income."

The lawsuits claims the Barren Outdoors employee didn't do a safety check on the gun, and therefore Smith is suing for negligence.

We've reached out to Barren Outdoors. At this time they have no comment.

Above you can see the uncensored surveillance video where Smith accidentally fires the weapon.


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Couldn't see the video. But I'm sorry. While the the shop was extremely negligent in handing him a loaded gun. ( something that should have been checked for before giving him)


He's an idiot for doing that. ( like I said I have not seen the video. But when I'm handed a gun, I follow some basic safety procedures. None of which would end in me blowing my finger off. )


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Biggest mistake?

He left somebody else responsible for his own saftey.

He's lucky he didn't kill the clerk or the customer to his left. Why did he feel compelled to put his finger over the muzzle.. or keep pointing it at everybody? Where the fuck was this guy "trained"?

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There's more than enough stupid to go around, here.

How the fuck does a loaded weapon end up sitting in the case?

How the fuck does a clerk hand that loaded weapon unchecked to a customer?

How the fuck does a customer not think to clear the gun?

How the fuck does that customer point that gun at nearly everyone in the story, endangering their lives, before aiming it at himself and firing?


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He jacked a round in the chamber. With the most basic of auto-loading pistol knowledge. One should know that the slide should lock open on an empty mag. Yes, the employee is an idiot as well. He should be sacked. The customer, being a retired policeman, should drop to his knees and thank God that he injured only himself.

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A couple years ago I kicked a live round out of a pistol that was in a gun shop case... Clerks eyes got really big when the round bounced off him.

Mistakes happen, and its not unheard of for a live round to be forgotten from the factory test fire. Even a brand new sealed box firearm could be loaded.


In my view the officer is the one mostly responsible for his own injury. Basic firearms instruction that he would have received are clear, that you are to check the chamber of any firearm before handling it. That said, if I owned a firearms store, every firearm would have a chamber flag, they are cheap insurance that you don't make the news..

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Duhh ... what am I missing here? Flashing way way back over 60 years ago, Dad taught all his boys that ALL guns were ALWAYS loaded. He had a M1 Carbine in the front closet, a Springfield 03 in the bedroom closet, a couple of .45 autos in various drawers ... all loaded.


Maybe not chambered, but certainly loaded. We never had any problems growing up. If we wanted to handle and shoot the stuff, all we had to do is ask. This cops seems to me not to be too smart. How did he get to be a cop? Wondering. Wow! My opinions only. HB of CJ (old coot)

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If I were the judge...I'd deny his suit and send him to firearms safety training...starting with an NRA Eddie Eagle course!

 He is supposed to KNOW safe firearms handling as part of his job.


Without question.

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what the hell was a loaded magazine doing inside a pistol on display?


what the hell was the cop thinking when he locked and loaded the round without a check and pulled the trigger?


hope he looses. he should be evaluated for weapons safety at the department.


total dip shit.

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Don't forget the clerk. He had the firearm with the barrel in his palm. If it had accidently went off at that point, he could have easily injured the cop also. That would be a valid lawsuit. Not checking the barrel for a loaded chamber was ignorant on both their parts. Always visually and stick your finger in the chamber to verify it is safe.

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