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For the frugal, DIY Shoot-n-See targets

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Made some today out of old stuff I just had laying around, took about 10 minutes to make 6 of them. Once I get it down will be faster the vid just seems slow because of explanations.


So in 10 minutes I saved about 6 bucks.

I will take that.

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I did this with a posterboard to sight in some rifles. Cost me no more than $2 with 2" clear tape and paint. I could cut them into quarters for smaller targets. Works great. Took me all of 5 mins.

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Thanks for sharing. I save the fancy shoot-n-see for my wife at the indoor range in the valley.


There are a lot of realty signs in our area from the constant flipping and selling of homes. They come with their own stands and are usually high grade plastic or metal!


Take the used and forgotten signs and spray paint them white, then black and put white dots on them for the bull's eye. Works great and can be repainted.


If you wanted to get really tech, go ahead and borrow some of your wife's 3M spray adhesive and make targets out of craft paper like the guy in the video did. Apply the adhesive and put the target back on wax paper!

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