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CSSpecs mag adjusting for LRBHO?

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I just purchased two blemished CSSpecs V12 mags at a discount. They are ones that were sent back by customers for warranty issues. The description of the mags reads that they may need to be adjusted because the back of the shell would trip the LRBHO, meaning the mag may need to sit more toward in the gun.


My question is has anyone actually done this to their mags instead of sending them back in? I know I could figure it out, but if someone has first hand experience fixing that and could give tips that'd be awesome and would expedite the process and help with errors!

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Its actually tuning part of the gun. I did it on one gun to test.. It involves slightly bending the tip of lrbho lever to something closer to 90 degrees.. Not extremely hard but also not all that easy as the lrbho lever is way inside the gun.


Contact of the rim of the round on the tip of the lrbho is about .04" maximum on average its more like .01" , so the amount of extra bending is fairly minimal.. It was something I did not feel comfortable walking random people through the process, however anyone that can convert a Saiga should be able to figure it out pretty quick, its just a little basic gunsmithing.


(field strip first) Testing involves inserting dummy rounds into the magazine and then pushing them down on the base and allowing them to rise while holding the lrbho in the deactivated position. If you need adjustment the lrbho will start to activate as the shells rise, if it does not activate its possible yours is already ok. If it does activate tweek and retest. 

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Ok thanks for the response CSSpecs. That's what I originally thought. I read in a post by you guys somewhere that the lrbho lever tweaking was the best fix, but I wasn't sure.


Fixing that shouldn't be a problem then. I'll post my findings whenever I get those mags and get to work for anyone interested!

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Ok I received the mags today and spent a few minutes bending the lrbho lever to work with the new mags. However, the factory mag will not work. In fact there seems to be no happy middle ground with the lrbho adjusting to get both to function in the gun, it's one or the other.


Do the Gen 2s solve this problem?


Also, if I keep the lrbho lever adjusted for the Gen 1s, can it run Gen 2s? In other words are the Gen 2 to factory mags specs when it comes to activating the lrbho?

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It should be possible to tune it for both the factory and the gen 2. I'll try to confirm it, just need to dig the vepr-12 out of storage and test a few things.. I have not touched any of the mags in almost a month other that to load them in boxes, so I'll need a little bit to find the samples and puzzle it out.


I'll try to get a little more info for this.

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