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Mka 1919 Match

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Just got this mail:


Dear valued Customers,


We are very happy to inform you that the new "MKA 1919 Match" will be displayed the first time at our booth.

The shotgun is tested around 6000 rounds using 90% high brass magnum loads in the USA. The following upgrates are made on the shotgun.

·         Redesigned steel floating feed ramp. The bolt and bolt carrier can be taken out from its housing easily for cleaning without disassemble the upper and lower receivers from each other. Easy take down system. Please see it through https://www.dropbox.com/s/jalaxf1ncm22l4j/AN%C4%B0MASYON%20SON.avi?dl=0

·         Redesined bolt, locking block and action block,

·         New design ambidextrous safety,

·         New design extended bolt release,

·         New design extended magazine release,

·         New design larger magazine release button,

·         New design aluminium handguard covers(optional),

·         Redesigned two gas rings (heavy loads or light loads)

·         Redesigned alimunium front sights,

·         New design telescopic & folding stock,

After extensive testing we feel the "MKA 1919 Match" is a 12ga semi-auto shotgun gun that is designed, built and functions to meet the requirements of the demanding 3-Gun competition, LAW Enforcement,Home Defense and Sporting.

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Looked over the ad and I have several observations.  


First, its labeled as an "MKA 1919" and not the "XN" model.  Could this mean some of the parts are compatible with the old pre-XN models?  


Second, it does not indicate where it was made or if it is 922r compliant.  If they want to market it as a competition gun, you better be able to shoot it with large capacity magazines.


Nice to see it held together for 6000 hot shotshell rounds but to be taken seriously, it will need someone to supply parts.




Reviewed the animation of how to remove the bolt on the "Match" model and see labels that indicate the gun is made by Husan and Eksen in Konya, Turkey.

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The mags are not compatible with the original, according to EAA

it has a bogus pop up ramp to address ramp failures...The mag pushes it up when inserted 

does not appear hi cap mags exist at this time

its NOT 922 compliant 

is NOT imported with an adjustable stock

No aluminum handguard


They think they could add a few upgrades invented here, and call it a (match) gun.


I saw the drawings of these (upgrades) a year ago, and concluded that they were not a good idea

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Finally got the MKA 1919 match in late today, didn't have time to do a complete comparison . but here's the quick stuff


Mags - the have a different follower, I guess it's for the new feed ramp, but the old mags work just fine, at least the 2 we tried did.


Barrel - now has 2 lugs to index the new alum front sight, barrel extension is about 3/4" longer than the others, all behind the ejection pin


Guide Rod  - shorter, now the barrel nut has a long extension that goes through the front cap to thread onto the shorter guide rod, 


The spring loaded feed ramp seems to work OK , We will most likely pin it in the up position , just to take out the extra moving part that could cause a problem. Have to do some more testing.


The lower upper interface is different, do to the feed ramp, different hammer, trigger feel is about the same, didn't have time to check the pull weight.


that's about all I can think of, had too many guys coming in the shop today to get much more in depth.

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So do any of the parts also fit XN and pre-XN guns or is it something all new?


In the one pictured, have you replaced the internals with USA made parts?   Drop in or a lot of fitting required?



This one is 100% factory, except for the forend, and 23 rnd mag.


The barrel extension is longer, therefore the upper is bored deeper. So neither of those items will interchange. The locking block and carrier are also different, looks to be a better design.

I haven't tried the bolt & carrier in an XN, but it looks like it would interchange. The carrier is one piece, similar to what we've been doing for almost a year.


The lower is the same except for the front where the spring loaded feed ramp is - they've added about 1/4-3/8" to the front of the magwell to allow for the mechanism. It's a pretty simple design, should hold up well. But I think I'll 'pin' mine up with a small bolt for competition(the less moving parts the better)


The bolt handle is MUCH better, but still on the small side for my preferences. 

Do they run out of the box or is there a similar break in period?

This one was a factory test model and had been fired , don't know how much, so I can't say for sure how a NIB one will run.

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