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Grim Peeper

Saiga hammer job question

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This is a g2 and since I did the conversion the g2 that I installed always cycled rough and bumpy especially when the carrier went over the hammer but it cycles and fired ok at the range. After every use I've been filing down the hammer to smooth the action and after the last range session I went a little nuts and really wanted to smooth it out. Over the last week I've really been trying to take it down to where the cycles perfect but I've been taking a lot off after filing I cycle to make sure the hammer resets on the triggers shelf catch and it does with plenty of clearance over 5mm and it cycles very smooth now and resets fine even when charging the handle very fast. However my g2 no longer looks like a regular g2 because now it is quite contoured and low profile. I also flattened the contact point where the hammer contacts the bolt/firing pin area so it meets up flush when the firing pin drops forward. I haven't shot it yet but I would like some opinion on the matter here are some pics.





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Generally speaking, it is not a bad idea to "round" the contour of the hammer for smoother operation.  As a rule of thumb, the part that hits the firing pin should not be trimmed down, but rather be the high point that the bolt rides over to reset the hammer.  I would take it out and shoot 100 rounds as fast as you can.  If you have zero malfunctions at that point, it is good to go.

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Can I use the saiga hammer with the g2 assembly? It read that it is spaced for use with the bolt hold open though.

It should still function. I've had a BHO cut hammer in both my S12 and 7.62x39 without the BHO's for a long long time and have zero malfunctions. 

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I "think" the above one is over done ? The "humps" are gone rather than rounded off. Be carefull not to mess with the flat on the top as that strikes the firing pin. And polish the end bosses where the pins go thru..

You can buy a complete Tapco FCG group at gun shows or online for $25. and have a spare to  experiment with.



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That, plus maybe tweak the angle where it hits the tail of the bolt such that it is hitting exactly square. Often they are a degree or two off.

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