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Hey I've got one of the arsenal poly lh side folder stocks with the 4.5 pin. I'm going to put it on my s12. Looks to me when installed the back of the trunion will sit at a slight angle. I searched but really only found info on the stocks with 5.5 pins. My questions are:


Do I trim the reciever at an angle to fit the trunion?

Or do I add metal to the reciever to make the angle?

When useing this stock will I be able to reuse any of the old trunion holes?

Does anyone have pics of one of these stocks installed for reference?

Does anyone have measurements for the two latch holes on a s12?


Thanks .



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Couple more questions and pics. The trunion angle can be seen in the first pic. In this position the tabs that normally stick up on an ak are below the reciever. If I raise it up to where it would be on an ak there's a gap on the bottom between the trunion and reciever. Gap can be seen in the second pic. I've put a few of these on m92 pap's and didn't run in to these issues. I know this stock wasn't made for this gun.


So where does it go? Up high and fill the gap or tabs below the reciever?





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Maybe this will help...




I used a 5.5mm pin that is a 4 degree trunnion. your 4.5mm pin will be a 6 degree trunnion.


the top long rivet and the center forward rivet should line up with the existing holes.


Make sure you have the correct latch.  I can send you a PDF template for the latch hole if you want one.


I did the same on my .410. I have better pictures here (half way down the thread)




This is the mod for the trigger guard if using a regular AK one.




some of the vendors may be making these now



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I made it. It's non reciprocating. It's smooth when adjusted right. It's just tacked on for now. I still have to see how well it holds up to some abuse. I'm not real sure how I feel about the looks of it so we will see if it stays.

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Changed my mind. If you have access to a mill and tig it's not hard to make. It's a cut down inch FAL charging handle some bar stock and a set screw. I just made it up as I went. I've got some other ideas for it maybe, who knows. It's a work in progress so don't mind the finish or lack there of.




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