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Brand new parts, came from a demilled saiga 12.  Not sure what this stuff is worth so I'm trying to get my money back.  Have all parts except front trunnion, and bolt/carrier.


I have posted this ad on other forums so im going by time stamp for dibs.  Post, "ill take...) then send me a private message.


Barrel(comes with end cap/thread protector).....$200

Rear trunnion.....$50

Gas puck and gas selector....$20

Internal rails in receiver....$20

Stock and forearm.....$10


trigger guard.....$10 SOLD

Gas tube.....$40 SOLD

Safety selector.....$35 SOLD

Gas block....$75 SOLD

Dust cover....$40 SOLD

Side rail for scope...$10 SOLD

Guide rod assembly.....$50 SOLD

Mag release lever.....$10 SOLD


If you need something that isnt listed, send me a message because I am sure I just missed it.














Paypal (gift or add 3%) or money order for payment

Shipping will be actual cost.  PM me your zip code for shipping quote but most of the parts will not be too much except for barrel.

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Actually not sure. Maybe bent receiver? Nothing is wrong with any of the parts, so it must be the receiver? I didn't ask, but sounds like the guy sells a lot of the kits, just might not be economically the better option of people like us buying them if you can get a complete gun at a few hundred more.

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