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N.C. Shooter had 12 Guns, Cache of Ammo

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OMG, NOOOOOOO!!!!!  He had 12 guns!!!  He had AMMO!!!!


There's that gun-blaming sheeple word again:  Arsenal.


And just how many guns did he need to murder those people?  How much ammo?


Reporting this is like reporting how many bottles of booze a drunk driver had at home.


And boy am I surprised they're reporting how many guns he had but not that he was a raging militant liberal.

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I heard the blurb on the news and the wording is SO dramatic.


More than one gun and one bullet IS an arsenal and stockpile of ammo....


to people who are ignorant about guns.


I self-educated, once I had a family to protect.

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Has anyone choked to death yet on a fart? So would chili beans be the 7.62 of beans and dark red kidney beans be .223? Would two cases of beans be considered a stockpile? My ass has been known to slamfire on numerous occasions and without provocation. I cleared out a car carrying my two best friends. Would having the beans be considered lawful possession of a deadly weapon? The media would have a field day with my ass. Picture it on a table with cans and cans of beans and Nancy FREJOLES not knowing which end to point at the cameras. Special session of the House and let's not even forget the CDC. Allah General Akbar, MoFos.

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Gawd, they play the role of victim so well, thought I was rereading some Ferguson Shit


Today, we are crying tears of unimaginable pain over the execution-style murders," Barakat's older sister Suzanne told reporters. She said her brother was light-hearted and loved basketball.


"I guess that Muslims are only newsworthy when behind the gun, not in front," tweeted a poster who goes by the handle @biebersrivals.

Muslim activists demanded authorities investigate a possible motive of religious hatred.


All were involved in humanitarian aid programs.

Barakat, an American citizen of Syrian origin, wrote in his last Facebook post about providing free dental supplies and food to homeless people in downtown Durham. He was raising funds for a trip to Turkey with 10 other dentists to provide free fillings, root canals and oral hygiene instruction to Syrian refugee children.


The killings drew international condemnation. The shooting sparked the hashtag #MuslimLivesMatter on social media with many posters assailing what they called a lack of news coverage.


I'm sure the MOOSLUM community in NC and around the world have used the same energy to condemn Islamic Extremist for yrs of beheadings, Charlie Heboe, flying large plane into tall buildings and other such atrocities. Yep I'm sure they did


Hicks was a DICK for shooting 3 ppl over a parking spot, thanks for nothing and for playing right into the libtards game.


Over a parking spot...

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I just want to see a reporter stand up in front of our Muzzie-In-Chief and ask this question:


"Mr. President, just to clarify: the killing of the 3 Muslim students was "abhorrant" while the killings of over 700 black people in your "home town" of Chicago warranted no response or statement from you whatsoever? Is that correct, Sir?"



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seems like the guy who did this was generally known in the area as being just pure nuts at best, ran around with a gun playing the parking police. so no one had previously contacted the real police about this village idiot with a gun and a problem with how and where people parked? what I read was this pin head would have taken a shot at the pope if the pope mobile was parked where it bothered him, he didn't shoot 3 muslims he shot 3 people who pissed him off over parking. this guy is a poster boy for people who shouldn't even own a steak knife let alone a firearm, but no one reported him it seems or if they did the real cops / authorities took no action on it.

shame 3 people got killed but not a muslim thing just a crazy person thing.

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