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Management Shift... Introducing Ms.Hell! How to place your orders.

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Hey guys I want to introduce you all to our newest forum member (as of 2/20/15) and newest member of the team here at Cobra's Custom. Meet Michele, AKA 007.gif Ms.Hell.  011.gif




 Most of Michele's experience around weapons thus far has been with edged weapons and black powder, from swords to flintlock pistols & muskets to cannon. She was a member of Shadow Players, a N.C. Stage Combat group for a number of years and also also their webmaster / graphic artist. Her daughter Alexandria has been training with swords from a very young age and performs on stage with the group.

Here she is in an early video from about '07.

Shadow Palyers on FB for any local pirate fans who'd like to check them out...




 Michele will be taking over here as Office Manager taking care of the accounting, processing, and packing & shipping dept, as well as helping with customer service. Please welcome her and PM her and I both to place your orders. Use the "Add" button to invite her to the PM conversation. I'm working with her now to bring her up to speed on how everything works and looking forward to being able to spend a lot more active time in the shop doing actual work, instead of spending so many hours taking care of the business end of things all the time. Of course Racegal20 is still around too but Ms.Hell will be taking over all management duties and more. You guys can also find us on facebook BTW by going to...



 She will also be our new webmaster and graphic design artist. We have tee shirts and other merchandise in the works now, and will be working on getting a proper website together to make everything go smoother with ordering.  






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