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Form 4 to Form 4 in state transfer ?

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If I sell a SBS on a form 4 to another individual on a form 4 in the same state.

Is there only 1 $200 tax stamp fee? And from what I understand is that once the transfor is approved and receives the approved form 4. I can deliver the SBS.

Is this correct?

And do I need to sign the form 4 the transfor is sending?

Any information on this would greatly be appreciated.

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In-state transfer just takes a single tax stamp.

Once the transferee receives the approved Form 4, it's registered to them - you'd better deliver it :)   It's never been clear to me exactly how long you have to do so, as technically it's not longer registered to you.There's probably case law on the subject, if not actual regulations.

I don't remember if you have to sign the outbound Form 4, too tired to dig one out right now. I don't believe you do, just the transferee.

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I just did one like this. When the Form 4 comes back approved, deliver it or have them come get it ASAP. I am sure there is some sort of time allowance for delivery to the new registrant, but I have no clue what it is. For me, the delivery was as quick as reaching into my backpack and saying "Come here for a minute...."

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