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No. And the mag release is on the bottom in the center. Kinda works for either hand. The charging handle is perfect for a lefty because you don't break your grip. Safety is whatever, I never use them

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We South Paws have a slight advantage with the AK platform like already said before me better.  Just keep the butt firmly against your shoulder pushing in with the pistol grip, keep your eyes ON THE TARGET and quickly drop and strip out the old mag with your right thumb ... with the fresh mag already being in your hand before your drop out the old one.  


Hold the fresh mag with your right hand fingers.  Pop the mag drop thing with your right thumb to drop and strip out the old mag.  Then grasp fully the new mag and quickly rock it in.  Lots of U Tube videos showing how the Russians do it.  Wow!  Very fast indeed.  Same thing with the AR15, only a different mag drop arrangement and no rocking in the mag.


Yep ... I do not use the safety either once the rifle is "out of the bag".  I keep my finger off the trigger. With lots of practice, (which is also fun to do) you can become very smooth first then very fast changing mags with an AK.  Shooting not necessary. Us Lefties must hang together or we will most certainly hang separately.  HB of CJ (old coot)


Edited by HB of CJ (old coot)  Welcome to this Excellent Forum.  I for one find better info here than in other supposingly rocket scientist places.  You can spit on the mat and call the cat a bastard.  Saiga 12 shotguns are still available.  PEM if you wanna.  But ... once you enter the fun and madness of Saiga ownership, there is no going back.

Edited by HB of CJ
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Mine do.  smile.png









Like Arik said the stock charging handle is perfect for lefties but as a right handed shooter I like having an ambi setup with handles on both sides.

The mag release being centered is fine but I have some that are extended on one or both sides that I like better for trigger finger activation.

I'm fine with the standard AK safety selector as is but it's also nice the way the new Vepr 12 is setup ambi with thumb tabs.

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I agree that the AK is well set up for lefties, but not using the available safety on a rifle/shotgun strikes me as needlessly reckless.
If you train with it, you can get to the point where it is very quick and efficient to flip off.   You might be great at keeping your finger off the trigger, but the trigger is still exposed and gear or brush can get in there with distastrous consequences.


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What I do instead of using that long pesky AK safety is just keep the chamber empty.  Once the gun is charged, then the safety is kept off.  Once charged, then quickly shot.  Then when not shooting, the mag gets removed and the chamber cleared.  Excellent points about not using any firearm safety.  We need to be very careful.  Is there a AK safety like yours for the right side of the receiver?  I need to look at your excellent pictures some more.  I also have strong thumbs.  Thank you.  HB of CJ (old coot)

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I meant to post a pic of the right hand side of my Vepr to show the new style safety they have which I like very much.


Here it is.



Also speaking of ambi controls, here is how my Saiga .223 is setup with the AR mag adapter and the extended mag release I made for it (for when I'm using the the AK mags).





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