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She really wants the pink Cricket .22lr.  She likes it better than the Savage - which is good for me considering the price difference!

She's going to be eleven and I told her it would be too small soon but she showed me there are longer stocks for it in pink, of course.  She even made me watch this video to show it's a good gun.  Crickett starts at 7:20.




It seems kind of good for a first rifle. Any of you have any experience with this gun? 

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I bought my son a Crickett for his first gun, Black of course wink.png

It did really good for the first couple of years and he loves it.


But he is having FTE issues as of late, fired cases stuck in the chamber.

I've looked at the extractor, cleaned the chamber extra well, tried some moly, even tried polishing with some diamond paste and no luck.

It just keeps getting worse, now out of frustration I'm going to change out the extractor, just to be sure.


The old saying holds true.

"There is cheap and there is inexpensive, and there is not much difference between the two."

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She might be or will shortly be old enough for a M1-M2 Carbine.  My grand daughter shot a M2 when just a little bit older.  Did quite well, including a full mag dump at a fairly close target.  Gun control.  She also breezed through the usual class room skull sessions and instructional range time.  Just thinking.  HB of CJ (old coot) All US Code Laws And NFA Rules Apply.

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Invest in the firearm and her.

Get her a Savage, Henry, Marlin or Ruger.

Those are lifetime rifles.

She didn't like the Savage and the others were not a good fit for her yet. I can always get her a better gun later. I was thinking a .17 HMR once she is properly trained and comfortable w/the .22.
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Get her what you want her to shoot. Make sure it kicks ass. My four year old has a metal cap gun made in Italy, an old daisy red rider that was made in the USA and a Baikal pellet rifle. Soon she will get a black cricket she can share with her brother and if she is careful, can use my izhmash for biathlon after she grows a little. Saiga 410 at age 13!

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