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Saiga 12 Safety Lever

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Just saw this yesterday on youtube and my converted 030 will not do this. I can take the safety clear out of the gun and it will not drop/release the hammer. One has to question though, why would you have something like that happen in the first place? Dis-assembly of a loaded gun or awkward manipulation of the safety while loaded seems unlikely. I did note that the dust cover extension catches safety lever as it us pushed up to safe and ceases to have the dimple on the reverse side of the safety lever leaves top of its ) patch on the receiver.

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Unsafest Way To Shoot an AK47 - Don't Try This At Home: https://youtu.be/8Z8vRS09OgM


My S12 will do this.


So put the clearance on your lever and add a tab while you are at it.: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/gallery/album/1114-safety-mod/


Vidya version: 


 If bending sheet metal and drilling two holes sounds too hard, AK builder makes a kit. I can't find the link, but it looks like 'solar tactical' is selling it. There's always the Krebs version too.

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My Wasr won't release the hammer. I tried the Wasr safety in my S12 but it wouldn't clear the legs of the trigger.


I know the odds of having this situation happen is slim to none.... But I still don't like the idea of the safety being able to trip the hammer.

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The gun from the test video was a century C39 and had a double hook fcg, was there any other difference? I am trying to understand what it is that makes the guns themselves do this. I have the "full auto/original" style safety lever and used a tapco single hook fcg from CSS. When it engages the disconnect the hammer doesn't move. I wonder if the C39s have a single peice disconnector/trigger assembly or have some sort of strange linkage in their guns. 


For the sake of testing I even tried to do this in my Cugir made PSL with no effect.

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