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I really want to say nasty things about her & celebrate her passing... But I need to be better than that.

I don't think she was evil, I would celebrate the demise of an evil person, she was certainly fucked up mentally though.

What happened to her husband warped her mind, insanity brought on by insanity... Fuck you very much Mr. Hinckley.

As much as I despised her for her agenda, may she finally rest in peace.


Now when Jane Fonda dies, I will celebrate & seek to take a piss on her grave.

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Dittos on Hanoi Jane. McCain too. Fuckin' collaborator.

eta: Someone should plant catnip on her grave. The cats will take care of pissing all over it.

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Regardless of her personal hardships or good intentions (which I am skeptical about) her actions were anti-freedom and that I will not excuse.


Does her passing do anybody any good?  Nah.  But it makes me feel good.


I won't celebrate this as much as I will when Reid or Piglosi dies but it's worth a toast to me.

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me thinks reid will be kicking it soon. outta spotlight, the goons can finish the job...

Yeah... a treadmill did this... right...OK...




Moose! Rocco! Help the judge find his checkbook. 



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Intent only carries so far, and to try to outweigh a lifetime of work toward taking basic human liberties away.


Call it a toast to her health if you don't want to acknowledge seeing her die makes you happy.

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