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Couple more that I'm pretty fond of:


625-2 & 1955 Target  'Spacegun'




Unfortunately, my aging eyes are having a harder time aquiring & re-aquiring the front sight. I may just actually get one of those Glocks...




But there's another alternative developing yet.



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My eyes have gotten to the point that I'm considering mounting a backup red dot instead of backup irons.  beaten.gif


That's what the pro competition crowd has been doing for a year or two. It would make sense to me, other than that I am comfortable shooting with a conventional scope on 1-2 power up close. For me at least, I doubt the red dot has much advantage over zooming out the scope. I can see on a stage where you can have the scope pre-doped for long shots that it would be nice to have a closeup optic and just cant the gun over without touching a knob the whole run.

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