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I spatchcocked three birds and heavily seasoned them with sea salt, cumin, paprika, chile powder, onion powder, garlic herb mix and habanero mesquite.
Tossed them on the grill and closed the lid for about 30 minutes before flipping and moving them to the upper rack for the remainder.
About 15 minutes before the chicken would be at temp I threw a few pounds of Conecuh Smoked Sausage on too.

Meanwhile I'd been busy whipping up some fresh Guacamole.
Guacamole makes my wife and my MiL very happy, and when they're happy, I'm happy too.  Since I love fresh guacamole too, its a three way win.


I had to have some tacos so I shredded some chicken, crumbled some queso Anejo, some sour cream, a line of habenero Salsa and plenty of that guacamole on some corn tortillas.  
A squeeze of lime to set it off and I chowed down!


The next day everybody wanted chicken fajitas.
Shredded the remaining chicken and set it aside.
Sliced up a large onion and bell pepper too, add some minced garlic, salt, cumin, paprika, chile powder and threw it all in a hot skillet with a healthy dose of EVOO.  Cooked the veggies till they started to soften and threw in the chicken and a can of Cilantro/Lime Rotel.
I let that cook on high for about 5 minutes, mixing it to keep from burning.

Taco Time Again!


Ice cold Perrier with a squeeze of lime to wash it all down.


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Bacon + Venison = Lunch! Venison backstrap medallions, salt & cajun spice, wrap in bacon. Very hot skillet of olive oil, cook till bacon is crisp. All my venison came out medium or just a tad und

I threw my daughter's graduation party/feast yesterday. I smoked 30 lbs. of beef brisket, 15 lbs. of pork shoulder, 8 lbs. of ham, and fried two 15 lb turkeys. we had homemade mac&cheese, pasta sa

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Dinner tonight was my MiL's slow cooker Pot Roast with the standard onions, carrots and potatoes.


I have three racks of magnificent St. Louis style pork ribs for the BBQ tomorrow.

Gonna do them with a dry rub and just mop them a little with apple juice to keep them moist.

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Three magnificent racks of St. Louis style pork ribs are going on the grill!


Here's the teaser.

One rack done with mustard, the other two water and all hand rubbed with much care and attention.

I love rubbing my meat. smile.png















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The Menu
St. Louis Style Ribs, dry rub, no sauce
Cole Slaw, made with Alabama White BBQ sauce
Waffle Fries

Cooking Method
I'm doing these on my IR gas grill.
My burners are vertical so I'll use the burner on the far right, and cook on the left.
I'll put soaked hickory chips directly on the grill above the lit burner.
Temp will average about 250-275', and I'll cook uncovered for about 2 hours and I'll mop with apple juice once or twice, needed or not.
Once the bones start to pop and the racks bend and crack when picked up from the center, I'll dust them a bit, wrap in foil and finish until done.

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Applewood Smoked Pork Shoulder and Pig Candy


9.5# Pork Shoulder


1 cup brown sugar
1 cup paprika
1/2 cup seasoned salt
1/4 cup cajun spice
2 tbs garlic powder, onion powder
1 tbs cumin, cayenne

Wash shoulder and pat dry.
Massage some rub into all the crevices and then slather in mustard.
Generously apply more rub and wrap tightly in plastic wrap.
Refrigerate for 2-12 hrs.
Bring to room temp before putting on a 200-250' smoker.
Close the lid and don't lift it up for at least 10 hrs.
10hrs later check internal temp and finish.
Cooking time approx 1-1.25 hours per pound depending on temp.

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Pig Candy


Thick Cut Bacon
Brush with real Maple syrup.

Generously coat with brown sugar

Bake at 375'-450', you want to caramelize the sugar, but not burn it.
Long enough to caramelize and firm the bacon, then remove flip and repeat coating.  Cook until bacon is done, the fat turns white and the sugar well caramelized.
I trim the burnt ends off and munch on them.

Some plain, some with black pepper & cayenne and some with chocolate and pecans.

The Money Shot

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Total cooking time 12.5 hours.
I heavily basted with Apple juice once in the sixth hour.
Last hour and a half I wrapped it in aluminum foil and turned the heat down to 200'.
Let it rest for 45 minutes before unwrapping.

The bone fell out, so tender the meat was falling apart in the muscle groups, shredded by just pressing down the flat of a fork and the bark was wonderfully sweet-n-spicy with a nice chewiness.




The Other Money Shot


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I'm making food for church tomorrow. We're smoking up a 17lb brisquit. Also baked beans from scratch in a dutch oven in the smoker to catch the drippings.


My friend Jake and I have probably done this a dozen or so times in the last year and a half, and we tweak the recipe each time. This go round will have injected honey and butter.

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Buns toasted in Amish butter with some Habanero Mesquite seasoning.

Topped with some tasty bark meat and sauce.




Looks good, but I prefer cow butter.


But them Amish girls are more fun to milk. 018.gif

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Fried frogs legs with toasted french bread rubbed with garlic and topped with melted mozzarella and tomato and basil.

Washed down with a couple Heinekens.

How mean!




Seriously, they look good. I wonder how they'd be with hot sauce.

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Love me some juicy brisket.

I hope that smoker is fired up and everything is moving along.


yep. Got some cast iron soaking in the sink right now. I even took pics for you.


We've done enough brisket or top round roasts that we make each one an experiment. 


This time we didn't have an overnight brine soak on the brisket so we injected salt water, and also had a pan underneath it with water part of the time in the smoker. We also rubbed down with butter, trimmed off a lot of the fat and injected with a mixture of honey dissolved in 151 rum. you want the fat about .125" thick. Brisket has hard tallow and soft fat. I usually want all the tallow off. The rest will take smoke and carmelize through the meat. Too much fat keeps the heat and smoke flavor from getting to the meat. The honey and rum were undetectable, so that part won't get repeated. It was good, but I know I can do more interesting than that.


The real winner was the baked beans. They were small mexican red beans, soaked over night. I wish I had simmered them for a few hours the day before, because the beans still needed more cook time than the half day they had. The sauce spice blend was awesome though. Sauted minced yellow onions in butter until slightly singed and then through those into the pot. I had about 4 onions to maybe 6 cups of beans. Then probably a shot glass and a half worth of mustard powder a couple tsp of celery seed. ~5 chicken bullion cubes. Some molasses, then later some more molasses. maybe a cup and change total, but I added as I went to avoid overkill.  I also used a couple chipotle peppers from a can of Herdez brand chipotles, along with some of the sauce. After a while I took one out to keep the spice subtle. Again, I don't want to over power the other flavors. I'm kind of in love with those herdez chipotles.  They are almost the perfect smooth pepper/smokey flavor.  These were placed into a cast iron flat pan in the smoker under the brisket to catch the drippings and absorb smoke. I put some of the fat trimmings on the rack too. (not pictured) That was a mistake. I got too much rendered fat, but they were still good.


Smoker was mostly around 250, although I would prefer an over night smoke at ~150-175*, and this smoke was from about 11 am to 4pm. We used large chunk mesquite charcoal.







oh and we had a pot of sauted yellow onions in butter as a garnish.

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Rib Repeat, Take Two


My SiL, the one I like, has been down visiting for her little brother's marriage.
She liked my BBQ'd Butt and Pig Candy, and heard about my ribs.
Well, here we go again by special request, Rib Repeat!

Three racks, rubbed with love and in the fridge waiting for the smoker in the morning.



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Been making my own Rubs.

I've been trying to keep track of ingredients and their measures, and have been making alterations that have it becoming quite tasty.

This time I'm upping the Cajun spice from .25 to .5 cups, trying to get that perfect zing.

1 cup Dark Brown Sugar

1 cup Smoked Paprika

.5 cup Cajun Spice

.5 cup Seasoned salt

2 tbsp Garlic powder, Onion powder

1 tbsp ground Cumin ground Cayenne


And my preference for applying it has definitely become Rub over Mustard.

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Cooked these at about 250' using the 221 method.
They were so danged tender and delicious, just pull the bone out and start shoving meat into your mouth.
I managed to get a pic of the racks before being driven out by the hungry horde, I barely escaped with a quarter of a rack for myself.
No money shot tonight, the ribs were so good I just plain forgot.


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