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I had a UTG side scope mount but I would have to turn the elevation knob all the way up to get on target. I originally thought the side mount was bad so I bought a TWS dust cover and mounted my scope on that, but I still have to turn the elevation knob all the way up. Is something wrong with my gun? Should I run different size scope mounts to help level it out?

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While I have no experience with that brand of scope, I will say I think the problem lies within either it, or the rings. Considering that you tried it on both a side rail mount, as well as a TWS mount, with the same results. If you can, try to find another scope to compare it to.


ETA: I don't like to say it, but it is also a possibility the issue is the firearm itself. However, I would definitely rule out all other possibilities first.

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Did you use the same ring base on the side mount, that you used in that pic of the TWS cover? How tight do you have those allen screws? The tube could be distorted from the clamping force....possibly. Have you zeroed the rifle using iron sights only?

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It looks like there is an awful lot of space still between your ring halves. 


Have you followed the proper torque sequence when installing the rings? It looks like either the rings are not all the way tight or you completely tightened one sid of the rings all the way and then did the other side leaving a gap.

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OP, i would go buy some regular picatinny rail scope rings to mount my scope to the tws rail as opposed to the cantilever mount shown. The height you will need depends on the objective of the scope (low, mid, high) to clear the sight leaf to allow the scope to be mounted further forward and will help you immensely with eye relief. Hope this gets ya on the right path. Here is my setup, its a vortex viper pst with low rings on a m.i. side scope rail.


Edited to add pic.


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