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Remington 700 Long Range bolt rifle - OK?

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Hey Guys:


Earlier I asked about any heavy-barreled bolt rifles for .30-06. Remington is the only one I know who makes one so far. I've learned they also make their heavy barreled "700 Long Range" bolt gun in other calibers - including .300 Win Mag. I might get that instead if for nothing more than the macho factor. However, I already have a lot of .30-06 ammo and reloading dies.


I was wondering if any of you have any experience with the Rem 700 "Long Range" rifle and what your opinion is of it. Does Remington's heavier and longer barrel really help with accuracy? One would think so, but for all I know it's a gimmick. Is it as thick as a bull barrel? As for me, I suddenly don't like my 700 ADL's skinny barrel now that I know more about factors like barrel harmonics. I'm giving into the dark side of picky details.


I don't think a deer cares. Anyway ... the Remington 700 Long Range rifle does look cool and I know the 700 has a famous action.


The following is probably a much more expensive route to take, but I wouldn't mind getting more educated about some gunsmithing. I noticed Douglas Barrels can make a straight, no taper, crowned target barrel in .30 caliber with a 1:10 twist. I'm willing to pay them to make one for me as close to completion as possible. (All of Krieger's are tapered)


If I do get a Douglas Barrel, what then? Can it go straight into my 700 ADL's black stock as a simple matter of changing barrels? How do you remove the old barrel? Would I need a gunsmith to install it and deal with any issues like headspacing? Would it even fit into my ADL's stock? Would I need a new stock to accomodate a bull barrel? Would bedding be required? My over-all question is what is involved with putting a new barrel into a gun? I can imagine a situation where all I keep is my ADL's bolt and trigger. Maybe even the trigger needs replacing.


I just like straight, heavy bull barrels. I've literally seen guys put bullets through the same hole or clover leaf with such barrels - even using factory ammo. It's impressive and fun to witness.


I ask from honest ignorance because I've never changed a barrel or done any custom work to a gun. All of my rifles are in stock factory condition. I had a grandfather who knew gunsmithing, and my Dad had a lathe/milling machine, but both are gone unfortunately.


I'm just trying to learn more about changing rifle barrels gentlemen. For all I know, the Remington 700 Long Range rifle is a good deal and I might as well just go with that, but I also know that the Douglas barrel is bound to be very accurate too. By the way, what is air gauging? 


Thank you and happy shooting.

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40 years ago I owned a 700BDL in 30.06 that I shot 3/4" groups with at 200 yards at the range.  Don't know what your "long range" needs are, but that's pretty deadly with a 130gr fmj hollow point.  A few years after I sold it to my uncle, he took an elk he had stalked for nearly 2 hours at about 300 yards with a 168gr match-king boat tail hollow point that I loaded for him.  He was one of those guys who never shot from a blind; always stalked his prey and shot off-hand.  Remington 700s are accurate shooters to be sure.

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What was that deal a while back when folks were saying Remington 700s would go off if you dropped them? They seem to be very well respected rifles now but I still remember that hooplah from adolescence. 

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What was that deal a while back when folks were saying Remington 700s would go off if you dropped them? They seem to be very well respected rifles now but I still remember that hooplah from adolescence.


They had some issues for a few years with the epoxy they used on a portion of the trigger that was causing the issue. It was the safety not completely engaging due to epoxy. They did a recall and repaired the problems. There is a site you can put your rifles serial number into to see if it's from the affected timeframe.
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