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The sickness continues

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Im thinking of putting galil handguards on my 410 i wonder what needs to be done to get those tapco ones to fit the 410 saiga i know its been done before.


The tapco saiga "galil" handguards were not really very galil like. They were weak, huge, crude and ugly, Stay far away. They were discontinued for a reason. Their intrafuse forend is decent though.

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Agreed, I had a tapco galil on my first saiga 12 for about 17 hours before I took it off. It's wide, cumbersome and flimsy feeling. I also went with the Intrafuse to replace it, it's slim, sturdy, practical and relatively cheap. Plus you have the OPTION of rails, so if you don't need 'em you can toss 'em.

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I've actually been surfing gun porn the past few evenings to brainstorm how to fix up my 410. I'm thinking a PDW type build, sbs'd with a troy like stock and MP5ish handguard. I like traditional looks too, but I'd rather have that in a rifle, the shotguns are oddballs so I'm comfortable taking a few creative liberties with them hahaha.

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