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Right now we have a couple of Elite Iron Echo 6" .22rf cans.  One on a SBR Ruger 10-22.  The other on a Sig Mosquito.  Very happy indeed.  They are full auto rated, come apart for cleaning and all parts are available from the factory in case of baffle strikes and stuff.  They work very well indeed.  "Pop".  Thud.  Repeat.  $Spendy$.  Yes, we will be buying more.  They are kinda picky about muzzle threading.  Seems their cans are the most quiet of them all and are very tight.  All US Code Laws And NFA Rules Apply.  HB of CJ (old coot)  SW OR USA.

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No personal experience.


I do remember a few random threads where their name came up (in a good light )


All I can say, is if and when illinios ever allows cans ill definetly consider them.


FWIW I would really really REALLY take sunny bean up on his advice

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Thanks guys for your responses.  


To get to the point - is Elite Iron a serious contender when it comes to performance, maintainability, and build quality at their price point?  How does it compare to AAC or some of the other more popular brands?  Are they readily available or a small shop with a small yearly output?  


Background - I was leaning toward AAC with their required break for quick attach but wanted to look outside of the usual sellers (I like finding something that isn't so common but still performs at a good price point).  Elite Iron came up in a few searches but there has been very little posted about them recently (they report they are updating their website middle of 2015).  Name recognition and their price point being what they are isn't enough to win me over alone (nor could I convince my local dealer to sign up as a reseller when AAC, Gemtech, Yankee Hill, and SilencerCo sell so well for around the same price (I assume he is looking at dealer pricing)).  


Down the road I will be shopping for more suppressors which can be maintained and handle full auto.  I like to try to find a brand I can be loyal to and thought I would ask you guys for your opinions.  


Thanks again for your time and consideration!   

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I think I would want the quick attach. It is convenient, but more importantly, it eliminates the risk of unscrewing as you fire and getting a baffle strike.

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Dale and Kathy are very good people. They are very easy to work with. I have been to their shop. They are a small, clean and organized shop. Dale has built me a .45 can for use on my UMP. He has also cut down a number of barrels, engraved some guns and other general gunsmithing work. Everything was top notch.


Their suppressors are built like brick shithouses. They are on the heavy side but work quite well. Compared to my AAC can their can works equally if not better.


I don't think you will be disappointed.




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Thank you GunFun, sunnybean AND ALL.  About the only thing BAD I can possibly say about Elite Iron cans is that after all my "Buddies" shoot my, (or their) dinky .22rf stuff with Elite Iron's cans is that then they all want to borrow MY cans. The BATFE frowns upon this if I am not there with my tax stamp.


The other concern or hassle, (not really, but I am having fun here) is like GunFun already said before me ... screwing on and off the cans takes some eyeballing and some time.  The threads are very precise.  They do not screw on loosely.    In particular the Elite Iron 10-22 SBR can gets swapped around a lot.


Several short barrels of different lengths and rifling twists are employed for different types of .22rf ammo.  The last several wrist twists to screw the can on are not fast or easy.  But ... it is quite easy to maintain that STEELY EYEBALL CONTACT with the DOOMED target while you are screwing on that pesky can.


Now if I had a choice, I would definitely consider a quick-on quick-off type of attachment.  Elite Iron says to store the cans separately in the safe when not enjoying them.  Not doable because of the arthritis in my wrists.  So ... they stay attached.  So far excellent results with MANY different .22rf guns and ammo.


Hope this helps.  Just a necessary muffler for a firearm.  Save your hearing.  It is precious.  Very important.  HB of CJ (old coot)

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