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as always a pleasure to meet up with you and do some sharking/fishing.
And it was very nice to meet your wife and son, adding Mike to the bunch and you're a lucky man to have such a family.
Tell your wife "Thank You" from me again for the hospitality.

Man you've been due a good shark, when I felt that strong, fast run, I knew you needed it.
You do so much for others it is only right that it comes back around to you, and I'm happy to share.
Great shark, lots of fun, good fight, did NOT want to come over the sandbar, heh heh heh, wife had to keep her ol'man from getting dragged to Davey Jone's Locker.
Felt very good to get a fast catch, tag & release, and watch this shark swim off very strongly... Heck Yeah!
I can only wish we'd caught more and/or bigger fish, other than that what a beautiful day.
Any time my Bro, I'll happily fish with you anytime.


Shark: Scalloped Hammerhead, male, TL-7.5', approx weight 150-175#
Rod: Penn International V, turbo guides.
Reel: Penn 12/0 spooled with 1000 yards of 100# Sufix Superior mono.
Bait: Blackfin Tuna head, dropped about 400 yards out.
Fight lasted about a half hour, fish was tagged for NOAA's Apex Predator Program and released, it swam off very strongly.


With Attitude

The ol'man getting worked over

The wife saving him from swimming with a pissed off shark

Daron saying hello to his new friend

Pissed off shark

Collecting data for NOAA's Aprex Predator Tagging Program

Dehooking for release

How happy I was to see Daron with a good shark


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Nice strong release.
Everything went perfectly, probably no more than two minutes in wash and away he went.

Click link for video.



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Very nice work chile, looks like yall had a hell of a time! Just outta curiosity does shark taste anything like swordfish? Cuz I'll absolutely destroy a swordfish steak in no time but have never tried shark.

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I know you're just joking...

We stay 100% within the law, even when the law sucks or is just plain wasteful.

The penalties are ass'inine in their severity and the various F&G depts don't play around.


We'll wade out waist deep in the water with 12' sharks to revive them and get them swimming.

Walking them to keep water moving over their gills, it can be hairy sometimes.


It does get crazy and dangerous too, but so much fun and adrenaline.


I'll take a day of fishing slabs and a nice stringer for the table... Nothing silly about that.


Yes, awesome is a good word for it... Especially with the bigger sharks, apex predators that they're, much respect is due them.


Many sharks are tasty, and we do keep them sometimes.

Especially Blacktips, big Sharpnoses and Shortfin Makos... Yummy!


Mako ranks right up there with Swordfish & Marlin, damned good and damned pricey in the market/restaurant.

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Consumption, there are species out there which aren't exactly palatable (yummy), and some few are actually poisonous.

Just about all sharks must be processed immediately to avoid the flesh becoming fouled with urea and smelling of ammonia or piss.


Many palatable sharks are off limits in some places due to conservation concerns, example FL vs AL, in AL I could have kept my 12' Great Hammerhead, but in FL it was protected.

One must know the laws pertinent to the local area, region/zone, state or federal waters being fished.


Almost all either status as either Retainable or Non-retainable and/or have strict size/creel limits.

Pretty much one per day, with most retainable species having a minimum size of 54" fork length.

A few have no size limit, but are still one per day.

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