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OK, I was finally able to order the steel mags for my Saiga 12s that I had been promising to do for a year! Been a busy life, but finally was able to order. Not 10 minutes after my order was placed, I got my notice that the Mags have shipped. This is seriously fast. Yes I am impressed! I hope the Saiga 12 mags continue to be made here! I seriously hope this business prospers and grows. GREAT PEOPLE!


Thank you.

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Yes. I always hate "unboxing" videos, because who the hell cares.


But with his stuff I would be tempted. The CSSpecs brothers obviously really care about their product and want it to be perfect when you get it, or when your grandkids unpack your unopened horde from the time capsule.

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We try our best.. However you mostly got lucky, I was packing up orders when your order came in. I like a clean board, so I packed your order and tossed it in the back right as the truck was leaving.. If it had been ten minutes later you would be waiting until Friday.


We pack up orders three times a week.. If your order is on Monday Wednesday or Friday before 5pm, odds are you will get same day shipping. If you order on Friday at 5:30pm it won't go out until Monday.

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Received my Magazines this morning. WOW! These are CLASS! No I haven’t made it to the range yet, BUT if these work as well as they look, My Saigas might just have been made my  goto SHTF shoulder weapons! The packaging is absolutely 1st class. I do not have the words to express how impressed I am. I worried as I had never seen these mags in real life, but bought them based on reviews of several members here whom I value their opinion. (Thanks GunFun and Cobra762 among others).


Thank you Gentleman for making a superb Magazine and an excellent business.

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I got two steel saiga 12 mags that were being sold with "really bad dents and scratches". It took me a second to even see the dents when I got them. Now they are at home with the rest of my css mags. I highly recommend getting css spec mags that have the price reduced because of damage. They will function fine and that's what matters.

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