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1400 Rounds of .22L for $79.99 Shipped at Gander Mountain

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This will probably only last a few minutes, but hopefully someone here will be able to get in on this deal.

It's a bucket of 1400 Remington Golden Bullets. 


Search Gander Mountain for  Item # 692057





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Wow my second least favorite kind of .22 LR, but back at 5.7 cents each. -not including shipping- That's actual .22 prices. I have to agree with the Jam-o-matic.


This stuff was always inconsistent with often extremely loose neck tension. Every .22 I have ever tried it in didn't like it, but admittedly most of them were rugers.


Thanks for sharing .22 at a reasonable price though. It is refreshing to see that happen. I didn't ever expect to see 22lr under 8 or 9 cents a shot again. I know it will never be the consistent 2 cents a shot I grew up with, but a constant 6 cents ought to be feasible. If I could get winchester or blazer at that price, or even at 8 cents, I would stock up.

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Remember when Winchester Wildcat was on sale as a $loss leader$ at $7.99 a brick at W/W?  And if they had no more on sale, the kind, gentle, friendly, knowledgeable sportings good manager lady would substitute Winchester Super X ... AT THE SAME PRICE? 


And .... never start a paragraph with a conjunction. Wait .... and she would let us buy up A WHOLE CASE at the aforementioned discount on-sale price .... with the free up-grade substitution?  Wow!  Those were the days my friends, we thought they would never end.


HB of CJ (very old coot)   What is kinda scary is that 5 years from now, we might up and think that 15 cent per round .22rf ammo is a steal.   Yikes!  Hillary ... she is a commin'.  More yikes! :( :(  Our mission now is to prevent this.  Time to become political.

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The golden bullet runs just fine in all of my .22 pistols and rifles. In fact I have tried a few other brands but always come back to the golden bullet. Of course that was before all this madness happened and you could find .22 rounds everywhere.

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