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H.R.2283 - Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2015

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Yeah, I don't see how it passes atm, but they won't ever stop.  They will keep trying everything under the sun, big and small, to disarm us.  While we're fighting them on the big thing the small thing sneaks through (by some bureaucrat most likely).


They are playing the long game.  A bit here, a bit there.  Always on offense.  They play to win.


We play defense. 

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I'm all for ignoring unconstitutional laws.  Just be aware that there are people in prison or dead now on account of ignoring unconstitutional laws.


It seems a better idea to stop unconstitutional laws from passing than to ignore them after the fact.


The biggest problem with the vast number of laws (most unconstitutional) is that it is relatively safe to ignore most of them.  If every infringement was strictly enforced then people would understand just how bad things have gotten.  As it is people can just go through their lives ignoring most of it, or blissfully ignorant that these laws and regulations even exist. 


They aren't very good at preventing bad things from happening and aren't even intended to prevent bad things from happening.


They exist to give the government power to control.  To be used as hammers to smash those who don't toe the line.

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Actually I think (dangerous for me) there might be room to say that I am the dumb ass because I am not doing all I can practically or sanely do to prevent the bull shit laws from becoming laws in the first place.


Partly because I am a dumb ass and dropped the ball and was not vigilante, the Oregon State House is now commanded and controlled by liberal NW Oregon assholes.  Our non elected Lib Governor is a real piece.


They are slam dunking state laws down our throats that are absolutely non believable.  Particularly anti gun laws.  Right now we are starting to think 5 years ahead and are looking elsewhere to live.  NE Texas?


Arizona, Idaho and Montana also?  My fear is that Salem Oregon might repeal or prohibit NFA stuff which was one of many reasons I moved here from central Kommiefornika back in 1987.


Did not Will Rodgers once say that when private citizens made a joke it is only a joke ... but when elected politicians make a joke it is a law?  Did Edmund Burke say that for evil to win we only need to do nothing?  HB of CJ (old coot)

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I just moved to Central Texas to get away from Maryland bullshit. The Texas Hill Country is a gorgeous and well kept secret!  I never knew Texas had anything like this!! 

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