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Hey Guys:


I have a friend who wants to get an AK-style rifle in 7.62x39. I myself own a Saiga .223, but couldn't help him regarding "real" AK-47 rifles.


Any suggestions? I suppose his search is for a good, basic, general purpose AK so to speak. He's not wanting to do any special conversions or tricked-out stuff. I'm stumped only because there are so many types available from various countries. He'd want it new - not used.


How are the Polish and Romanian AKs?







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I'd say if he's gonna get one now is the time for sure. Prices across the board ain't too bad. If he's willing to put in just a little elbow grease a Vepr would be a great candidate. An already converted Saiga or an Arsenal SLR-107 is a great gun out of the box but it'll cost him. If he just wants a ready to go good shooter you can't go wrong with a Serbian m70 (Yugo) or a Wasr 10. The newer Wasrs seem like they are built a little nicer but shoot all the same. Any of these choices would make most happy for their first x39 AK. My first was a Yugo.

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Get a WASR and have him inspect it in person if possible. The new ones are nice but there are still the occasional canted sight block. If buying at an LGS, maybe even bring a couple printouts of online prices (e.g. Atlantic firearms) to haggle with - I've seen the current WASRs marked up into the $700s in my LGS, which is why I don't bother buying guns there.

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