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Bolt carrier wear normal?

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I took down my Vepr 12 in preparation for cleaning it and noticed some odd wear on the bolt carrier where the bolt lug first engages it to unlock.  There is some obvious peening and moving of material here.  I am surprised because I have about 500-750 rounds through it but they have been either Nobel Sport slugs (the cheap, low power ones that SG Ammo had in stock back in 2011) or Federal multi purpose pack so I haven't been beating on it.


Is this wear normal and how much should I worry about it?  Should I contact TGI?


Below are two pics of the area in my Vepr 12 and then I have two pictures from the same area in my Saiga 12 which probably has easily twice as many rounds through it.



Vepr 12 area of concern:




Same area on my Saiga 12:



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Man shoot it a few times..before you worry about it. Put a little drop of oil where you see the shiny rubbed steel and forget about it.


Thanks.  I am a bit neurotic and don't have the background to know if peening like that tends to get that way and then stay that way or just continually get worse.

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These things are not meticulously fitted from the factory and some surfaces are going to displace and wear into one another as a result of that. Look less.... shoot more wink.png

HAHA thanks.  I realized later that that is the area of the BCG that pushes the bolt home when it is chambering a round and does not see the same amount of stress as other areas.  I have relaxed a bit about it. :)

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