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I really enjoy the wood stocked 'assault weapon' look(lol) but I still went and sold my AK last year.  I have three other Russians: 1932 Nagant revolver, 1950 transitional Russian SKS, and a 1943 M91-30.  Having the MN I have a bucket of 7.62 x 54r mortar rounds so what to do?  I wanted the AK look but in a little more grown-up version so, I am now the proud owner of a new Molot VEPR in 7.62 x 54r with a 16.5 inch barrel.  All I have done is steel wooled the stock and put 4 coats of tung oil to bring out the grain of the beautiful Walnut stock.  This is the family:










Each of these are great shooters but look as refined as a 1930's tractor!







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Not everyone, or else the "QUADRAILS EVERYWHERE!" look wouldn't be all the rage now.


Nah, those are just the confused ones. They'll either someday realize the error of their ways and convert, or they'll just continue pretending like what they're doing is "cool", but know on the inside what they're doing is wrong. Everyone likes the wood and metal look. tongue.png



I will admit, though, rails do sometimes have their place. It's the ones who slap Chinese shit all over their firearms that get to me...

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