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Kalashnikov's new PL-14 or 'Lebedev' 9mm Pistol

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I don't know if this has previously been shared within the forum (if so, Moderators please delete this thread).


Although the pistol may likely never be allowed to be imported into the United States.... still, it's worth looking at IMO.  I find its exterior appearance and esthetics mighty enticing.


Kalashnikov PL-14 or 'Lebedev' pistol



Kalashnikov Concern, the Russian firearms manufacturer that produces the popular AK series of automatic rifles, announced a new 9x19mm service pistol for the Russian military at at a technical forum held in Kubinka, just outside of Moscow, on Wednesday.

According to a press release from the company, the “PL-14″ pistol, or “Lebedev pistol” as it is named after its designer, was developed by a team composed of Russian special forces and IPSC competitive shooters. Some of the most distinguishing characteristics of the handgun include its futuristic shape and its abnormally thin slide—only .82 inches wide.


“The versatility of our new pistol allows to use it not only as a military weapon for the military forces and police, but also as a pistol for different shooting competitions,” said Kalashnikov CEO Alexey Krivoruchko. “We intend to produce different variants of the pistol, for example, with certain characteristics of the trigger mechanism for special forces units, as well as a civilian version with trigger that would be suitable for practical shooting competitions as well.”

The handgun will be available in two versions, a basic model and a version with lighter trigger pull designed specifically for special forces use or as a competition pistol. Both versions are touted for their improved ergonomics, light recoil, and minimal muzzle rise.

“The distinguishing feature of ‘PL-14′ is its enhanced ergonomics and balance that meet modern notions of human biomechanics and modern pistol shooting techniques in the best way. Special attention was paid to the unique aesthetics of the new pistol,” Kalashnikov stated in the press release.


The pistol will come with a loaded chamber indicator, a frame-mounted Picatinny rail, and internal safety mechanisms to prevent the gun from firing when dropped. Below are the basic specifications for the PL-14 from Kalashnikov:

  • Caliber, mm 9×19
  • Length mm 220
  • Height mm 136
  • Thickness mm 28
  • Barrel length 127 mm
  • Magazine capacity, rounds 15
  • Weight without ammunition, 0.8 kg
  • Weight with ammunition 0.99 kg

Many observers have commented on what appeared to be wooden grips on the prototype model of the Pl-14, which some believe may be for aesthetic appeal. Others have also noticed the PL-14’s similarity to Arsenal Firearm’s Strike One, another 9x19mm pistol developed with the Russian Armed Forces in mind. Unlike the Strike One, current US sanctions against Russia and Kalashnikov may prevent the pistol from reaching American gun owners anytime soon.

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That thing is sexy looking. No mention of what the frame is made from. Polymer, Aluminum, Steel?

The following is what I was able to dig up (I was surprised to learn just how many internet articles exist for this new, prototype pistol):


"The PL-14 prototype frame is aluminum.  We’re informed that the production military version will have a polymer frame."

I found myself empathizing with the following writer's statements:


Comment on New PL-14 Pistol by Dennis Santiago

Because of ITARS, trade policies and politics, for many years now, we in America have lost touch with the progress the rest of the world has made in firearms technology.  We falsely believe the rest of the world is trapped in the same antique design mentality that we too often are when it comes to small arms. It simply isn’t true.  Even as we in the U.S. migrate our military doctrine to relying on higher technology, stand off distance warfare, the rest of the world still knows that the winners of wars are the ones whose boots stand on the bloodied ground when the shooting stops; and that still means the job isn’t done until the infantry prevails.  The world remains a hotbed of progress in the design of military and sporting small arms.  This newest Kalashnikov looks like one really well-thought-out gun.

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It does certainly look awesome, very scifi. I don't know how it would be to shoot and the hipster part of me dislikes 9mm but that rail and wood grips more than make up for it. 

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Eh, the proportions look odd to me, especially the part of the slide over the beavertail. I would much rather get a GP K100 mk12 (which is on my wishlist).

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Very few first looks make an impression, but I really like it. I'd question whether the opening for ejection is big enough, but if it made it this far my concern is probably unfounded.

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Interesting concept. Thanks for sharing.

I see some influencing clues from Steyr, Browning and Ruger.

Looking forward to more info, including independent reviews.


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Looks the same grip angle as the Beretta U22NEOS, at the web anyways. I like it.

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