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Saiga 223 bolt/Bolt carrier compatibility

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Hello, folks. Once again, back to technical questions. I got my greedy hairy paws on Saiga M (HBAR) 223/5.56. Problem is - it has no bolt head. Got a bolt carrier though. The only bolt heads available are Bulgarian from K-Var. So.
a) Will Bulgarian bolt head work with Saiga 223 bolt carrier? Will it lock properly onto the rifle during action.
cool.png In case it won't. Will Bulgarian bolt AND Bulgarian bolt carrier work correctly on Saiga 223?

Thank you


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I would pick up a Bulgarian bolt head and carrier (matching#'s) on one of the forums for $40-50 from a parts kit that someone is parting out and save a few bucks. I picked up one of the KVAR Saiga 5.45 bolts to have as a spare for my .223 Saiga and Vepr,paid about $150 bucks or so for it. then I found someone selling a new bolt,carrier matching #s Bulgy unit for $40 so I jumped on it, then compared the KVAR unit to the bulgy and the Saiga .223 bolt and the differences were small.

Enough on the forums have tried it with building the Bulgy AK74 5.45 kits using a .223 barrel ,so I purchased the bolt to have as a spare.

The Saiga .223 uses a spring loaded firing pin and the BULGARIAN 5.45 does not.

Side note member Cerephim has made spring loaded firing pins for Saigas and is working on making ?223 Saiga/ Vepr bolts.

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Bulgarian 5.56 bolts are not compatible, but Bulgarian AK-74 bolts will work, however they lack the spring loaded firing pin that most 5.56 AK bolts have. The spring loaded FP isn't necessary but without it the chances of a slam fire increase with some very soft commercial primers, as the floating firing pin can slightly dent the primer on lockup.

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