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Do any of the drum mags work with the "no-rock" magwells?

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I specifically got the Saiga because I NEEDED a drum mag lol. Once I get my cycling problems worked out I will order a drum but was wondering if any drums fit the no-rock style magwells.

Are there any cons to the no-rock wells and thier mags?

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Well, it looks like it's been done before, but this drum is listed for the VEPR 12 even though clearly that is a Saiga below. Also, it is listed for $635.00.


Do yourself a favor, buy $635.00 worth of stick mags before buying that drum. Yes, they are cool, but not very practical. Quite bulky.





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I haven't seen one. I've been waiting for the SGM VEPR-12 25-round drum for a year now, as it should work in my Legion-030 converted Saiga with magwell, with a slight modification. No go on that so far. It's been indefinitely delayed. I talked to a guy in the SGM booth about it in January at the SHOT Show and I even saw a couple of them in their booth (they are HUGE!), but apparently they have not gotten them to be reliable yet. I guess it's good that they aren't releasing them until (*IF*) they are reliable.


The standard rock-n-lock SGM mags for the regular Saiga's obviously aren't going to work, so I think we're left out in the cold for now. I have some SGM 10-round sticks and even a couple 12-rounders (one for the Saiga magwell and one for the VEPR), so maybe that's the best we can get right now.


If you discover anything, please post here!

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A few people have done them. maxrounds does them in Europe, but they are iffy and very expensive. On the other hand they had one for a while up to 30 rounds, and some that could take 3" shells, which is cool. SGM has had the Vepr (/030) type 25 round delayed from release for months. Firebird has announced one near market which is supposed to have changeable towers for MKA or Vepr/030 compatibility.


A few people have made their own. Steve Grima, Saigatech, Evl come to mind. 


Sure I would like one, but a couple 12 shot stick mags are actually faster and cleaner IMO. If the DS mags ever hit the markets, drums will be there only for the novelty. 


It's a pity MDARMs hasn't done it, because those would be the ones I would want.

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 Firebird has announced one near market which is supposed to have changeable towers for MKA or Vepr/030 compatibility.


I emailed them a few weeks ago inquiring about an ETA for the Veprs, and they wrote back yesterday...

"Right now, we're just working on the MKA variants, but this would be a great drum for the VEPRS, etc as well.

I'll push the idea."


...It might be a whie

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I promised myself a few years ago that I would get a drum-fed weapon and the saiga won from the short list of contenders and while I LIKE the rock n lock on my FAL and AK, it really just doesn't work on the Saiga unless the bolt is open. Not saying it CAN'T be done because I have done it myself but in an SD situ it can't be relied upon. Was reading that the no rock mags are much easier to use and that SMG ( ? ) rock mags can be modified to run in the no rock magwells, so naturally I wondered if the drums could also be modded.

Another reason I wanted a Saiga was that I heard it can be finicky and since I don't have anything to focus on in my life right now I thought it would be a good project to work on ( unfortunately RWC did nearly all the work for me already lol ).

Plans right now are to get it running, order a drum and maybee a magwell and see what my noggin comes up with, I'm an inveterate tinkerer  but these days work is taking up all my spare time sob sob sob lol.

Thanks for all the help so far guys :-)

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+1 The instructions flat out say it is only going to work with a drum downloaded by 1 on a closed bolt. A radical bolt reprofile might change that. It certainly makes it easier, but that is still putting a lot of force on that top shell to cam it in with 19, so 20 is likely mushing it up a lot..

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To be clear, I was not the first to do this. Basically, I removed the tower from a MD-20 drum and modified a Vepr 12 5 round mag to make it snap right onto the drum. It ran, but the factory mag broke under recoil and came off of the drum.



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