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Hi all, long time no see. Since we last spoke me Saiga has been in the case. However this past weekend I took it out for prep of a weekend shoot. The trouble is I had 4 FTF out of 20 rounds; 10 were 2-3/4 bird shot, and 10 were 3" triple buck.


Funny thing all 10 of the 2-3/4 fired and cycled without issue however 4 of the 10 3" had a light primer strike. I don't know why.


I have installed JTE PERFORMANCE POWER HAMMER SPRING /MAIN SPRING FOR ALL SAIGA AND AK VARIANTS, this replaced the factory tqiated wire spring.


Any answers as to why this may happen or solutions. Maybe just bad run of rounds? Oh and I did try to re-cycle them and fire, no dice

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The spring may need adjusted, or there may be interference between the bolt and striker. The stock spring is much stronger and basically uses brute force to operate correctly even with rough parts and friction, the JTE spring is lighter and requires smooth working parts to work.

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The factory spring is what BELONGS in your gun, unless you are going for a 'race gun'. If that is what you are looking for, have one of the excellent vendors here do the work. If you just want a reliable shotgun, put the factory spring back in it where it belongs!

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