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20 gauge vs 12 gauge price?

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I went to the gun range the other day and they had 2 saiga's one was a 12 gauge and the other was the 20 gauge. I did not hold them but they looked to be close to the same length of barrel. they was asking about 125 more for the 20 gauge. is a 20 gauge worth more than a 12?

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The CSSpecs mags would be plenty for me. As long as those remain currently in production I would happily get a 20. It would be a great gun for the ladies I take to the range who find 12 gauge guns to be a bit heavy to hold with good posture.


Plus, if you run a 12 well, you'll run the 20 better...

It's not that nobody wants 20 gauges it's just that there aren't enough aftermarket mags to get people interested. 


It's the category. People think of box fed shotguns as "for tactical stuff" not anything else. They think of 20s as nice guns for bird hunting, or a gun for kids and ladies.  So there isn't a mental overlap of the categories. I think this would be a sweet little gun for a stroll through the fields in search of quail & pheasant. 


20 Is better for a slug gun too, if you live in one of the states which puts those hunting restrictions on you.

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We don't currently have 20 gauge magazines.. The old dies had the rib area pop off right at the end of a batch.


I want to rebuild them, but they are a low profit item compared with some of the new things we are building. I have a list for people who want them, once we get enough people we will make another run.

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