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Silver Bear steel hull ammo?

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As I have said a million and ten times, the top round shot deformation thing is mostly myth.


You can completely eliminate it with a well made buckshot round on top, or all through the mag. Federal buck all has much tougher hulls with buffer. So no unsupported gaps between pellets. Better yet, get something with a flite control type shot cup like this: http://www.hornady.com/store/12-Ga-VX-4-Buckshot/


 There are plenty of old threads showing that those steel hulls were marginal power. The brass hulls from magtech tend to need modification to reload very well and are a lot more work than plastic hulls for an inferior pattern. Same for some of the more obscure brass hulls. The only reason to go with metal hulls is you think it looks cool.

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No deformation here. I've had the same 5 Fiocci #4 buckshot in the factory 5round mag inserted into the gun for "safe" storage for at least two years. Just checked and the top one still feeds fine.

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