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Saiga 308 FCG/ ALG AK Trigger

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I just recently bought a used (almost new) Saiga 308. I have used the CSS modified G2 drop-in triggers with success in the past for the S12, 7.62x39, and 5.45x39. CSS's website under "All Saiga 308 Parts" lists this one (link below) but in the description does not states it is for use with the Saiga 308. Should I be concerned it does not have 308 in the description? Has anyone used this one with success in the Saiga 308?





Also, how about that new ALG AK trigger. Anyone tried using it on a Saiga 308 yet? Im sure it will need some type of modification as well. How would need modifying? I have a buddy that can weld so, if material needs to be added, I can have him help me out. 


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I just ordered an ALG AKT to put in my WASR-10. On my Saiga .308 I ditched the BHO and a Tapco G2 FCG went right in no problems so I doubt any other trigger pack would be an issue. I may try putting the AKT in the Saiga and running out to the range, at the very least I'll install it in the gun at home and see if there's any issues without shooting it before moving it over to the WASR but there shouldn't be any issues.

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The thing to watch out for with the Saiga .308, is that once you get the plate off the bottom of the receiver in the process of converting, some of them have the cutout for the trigger out of spec (too wide).  This can allow the trigger to drift from side to side, potentially causing issues like locking up the action, or hammer follow.  I occasionally had both of those problems until I added some material to the receiver on the sides of the cutout to prevent the sideways slop.


And as the others mentioned, if the BHO is gone, any standard AK FCG should work.  I'm personally running an RSA in mine.  BHO is removed, and the slot for it in the receiver is welded up.

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