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New Oregon Law Requiring Back Ground Check For Private Sales ...

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A short while back the heavily Democratic controlled State House in Salem Oregon rammed through a nasty bill--now law that requires all private firearm sales be run through the august benevolent accurate timely honest Oregon State Police Instant Back Ground Check system which ain't.


A failed system.  I failed me.  Long story for later.  Anyhow, when a law abiding private citizen attempts to use the instant ID system on a buyer, now the form asks for the same information ON THE SELLER as well.  This apparently is coming from the Oregon State Police.  Nothing in the law.

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actually this guy is correct. the law is the law. oh my god. between oh my god. you are not allowed to interpret the law as a clerk. period. uh boy. look folks. i dont agree with this faggot shit. BUT. there must be a union. oh man, im gonna have a headache. fire that fuckin bitch. she isnt doing her job. im gonna have a major headache over this shit. fire that cunt, she isnt doing her job she was appointed to. im sorry boys. she needs to be fired. I dont agree with it, but thats what the law says.fuck that. get out.

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you are telling me, that if one of my gay friends died? and thier family came into play? they are going to just take all they have ? thats just fuckin stupid. i aint suypporting it. its called a gay UNIION. not a gay MARRIAGE. you aint fuckin married. when  i finnaly pick a female? you aint calling it the same fucking thing.

even better a defective contract

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The police DO NOT have the authority to make law.


I would laugh and hand the paperwork back.


Here's some liberal logic thrown back at them....


"What happens between two consenting adults is nobody elses business."


Without registration, that law is useless.


I agree, but who wants to be the test case SAF's lawsuit on I 594 was dismissed for lack of standing since no one has gone to jail yet.

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