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Bullet Guide Installation - Question About Lining-Up the Rifle on a D

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I'm getting myself set up to install the bullet guide in my 5.45 conversion as soon as the part arrives from Dinzag Arms. I don't trust myself to be able to drill a straight hole by hand in this case, so I want to use a drill press. 


While I'm waiting, I tried this afternoon to figure out how to best orient the gun on my drill press so that I can get to work as soon as the parts show up; however, I'm having trouble getting the trunnion and drill bit to line up as the mag catch is getting hung up on the side of the press table (I've got the gun in a drill press vice with a pair of soft jaws attached).


I'm sure that I'm missing something obvious but is there something that I should be doing to make work better (maybe a block of wood underneath the vice to add a bit more clearance)?


Any advice would be appreciated.

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Can you guys give me an idea as to how you secured the receiver to drill the hole by hand? 


I'm probably over-thinking/complicating this whole thing - However, I think that the thing that is "scaring" me  off from doing it by hand is making sure that the gun is level and secure when I drill. 

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Your gonna wanna tap by hand. A $10 tap wrench is best.


Watch a few videos to see how it's done.


Oil tap, turn a couple threads, back out, clear chips, repeat, go slow, keep it straight.


When you feel resistance back it out (cutting just a little deeper everytime).


Again, watch a video, first!

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