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Which Saiga Should I Get Next and Why?

Which Should Be My Next Saiga ?  

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  1. 1. Which Should Be My Next and Maybe Final Saiga?

    • Another S12
    • Saiga .410
    • Saiga 20
    • Saiga 308
    • Saiga 5.54x39

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Hey everyone, big fan of the forum and long time lurker.  Of everything I've ever owned, my Saigas have always been my favorite.  Currently have a 12 and 7.62x39.
Was wondering what you guys think should be my next Saiga? and Why?
Is there one that is a must have that I'm missing out on?
Thanks so much !!

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My first choice would be the S-308 'cause they're cool, handy, CSSPECS mags are still available and the S-308 easiest of all Saigas to convert.   Plus, they are in .308 / 7.62x51.

The 5.45x39 would be my second choice,  Still lots of surplus ammo available at decent prices and plentiful surplus mags....for the time being.

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I've Saigas in 12g, 7.62x39 and .308/7.62x51


This thread demands gun pRon







My first choice would be another 7.62x39.

I want another to do with something different with, to have as backup or to hand to someone else if the SHTF.

Also it would be backup/parts, redundancy is nice.

Second would be a 5.45x39, even though I don't really want yet another caliber to stock.

The 545's ballistic edge over the 556 wins me over, and I'd just rather have AK reliability.

Though the thought of saving money stocking ammo does make a Saiga 556 tempting.


If I was to get another AK shotgun, the Vepr would win hands down.


I sure do wish I could get a nice Russian pistol caliber carbine/SBR.


The Vepr .54R DMR ( as shown below) would be nice too.

I'd have to shoot for a modern SVD clone.

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I'd go .308.  The extra bang for the buck is worth it and you can readily reload it.   Having the option to shoot out to 600 plus is a welcome addition.  Truly, you can't go wrong. The second choice is the 5.45.  The ammo is plentiful and I actually just saw some hornady 5.45 for sale at a local store.

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Every picture I see makes this decision just that much harder.  


Thanks for all of your responses and photos !! 


@ChilleRelleno Beautiful Collection ! 

@forsaken352 that Vepr x54r is unreal !!! 

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Vepr 308 or actually, I think I would get the zastava M77 type with the adjustible gas block. I haven't looked at prices in a few months but that was a lot of gun for the money.

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