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Which choke for 00 buck shot ?

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Pretty much all the buckshot I send down-range is out of cylinder bore. General rule of thumb is 1" spread per yard (10" pattern at 10 yards, etc).  This can vary a bit with different shotguns & a lot with different ammo.  


The only way to know for sure is to pattern your ammo with your shotgun.  Try different ammo at various distances with each choke. This makes for a lot of variables.


I tend to just use cylinder bore and control pattern via ammo selection: Winchester 'military' buck for fast spread, Fiocchi reduced recoil for HD (pretty much matches 1" per yard) and Federal flitecontrol where I want to reach a bit further. 


That's just me, you may have a favorite ammo to stick with & want to use choke to vary patterns. My advice is to do some patterning & see what's going to work for you. 


A little more discussion on the flitecontrol stuff:



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I can't think of any good links right now. But an interesting thing about flite control is that it really is not meant to use with chokes and kinda works opposite. Improved cyl doesn't usually show much effect, but constrictions near full or greater tend to spread wider than cyl. Same goes for the Hornady VersaTite, which works on the same general ideas. Every pattern test of it I have seen showed the same result, as does the manufacturer instructions.


What is strange to me is that so much of buckshot is not packed with a shotcup or buffers, even though it works so well with smaller shot. Just about everyone I know of, myself included who loads buckshot into standard type birdshot wads gets much more consistent patterns than they do with simple gas seals or felt wads. Consistent is key. You can make consistent uniformly distributed spreads that are as tight or loose as you want. For that reason it is strange to me that Flite control type wads are about the only commercial buckshot I can think of that uses any typle of wad&shotcup combo, or a shotcup at all. 

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Here is something REALLY old school.......back in the day, before plastic wads.....these things worked very well. This was of course, back in the day before tube tubes......I'm sure you've seen these things soldered onto old shotguns. Well.....years ago 'to keep up with the times' They came out with the poly choke II that screws in like a choke tube. They actually work....any one that say they don't.......never used one. AND....they look tac-te-cool now too!!!





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