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Court ruling makes Minnesota latest state to call BB gun 'firearm&

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Ok, so I moved to Commisota almost ten years ago.  Commisota suffers from the same bullshit that New York suffers from.   A mostly rural low population state that is run by left wing liberal fucktards who reside in the one (in Commiesota its Minneapolis and St. Paul basically the same cesspool) city.  Yes, for the most part the folks who live here are middle of the road country folks.  But there is such a high population in the city that they tend to drown out the cries of the moderates living in the country.  Do I hate the city?  Damn right.  We got fucked just like Colorado is getting fucked by the douchebags moving there from Commiefornia.

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It should be noted that batf ruled in 2005 about similar issues with paintball guns....


"The paintball gun examined by ATF is not a “firearm” as defined, because it does

not, is not designed to, and may not be readily converted to expel a projectile by

the action of an explosive and does not utilize the frame or receiver of a firearm."


Contradictorily though they had an opinion that a ported paintball barrel might constitute an NFA silencer, meanwhile airguns have silencers without registration so long as they are called integral. In the UK they call them moderators. Here they call them shrouds.


I agree with most of chile's post, except I would flip the burdens dramatically on mental health for any reason. A person would need to be ruled in a court of law mentally incompetent AND dangerous, not merely senile or feeble. No suspension of rights while they figure things out. No letting stuff that is mostly a matter of opinion take away people's rights and give them the burden of recovering the rights.

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I agree with a few things from that post. All for a reasonable rational and logical approach. If someone uses a weapon prop like an actual firearm, they should be charged as if they had one. Etc. No problem with stuff like that. Common sense. I just don't like when people (states) change/redefine things to skirt around other laws or make them applicable when they should not be. ....its akin to using politically correct terms to me. They "feel good" calling it a firearm. But there has to be a standard where that stops, and asinine begins....like suspending a kid over a poptart gun a while back.

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