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SOOOOOOO I might get rid of the mka....

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A short while back Tooth and Nail advised they had some factory and aftermarket bolts for the pre-XN MKA 1919.  Matt also indicated he was able to modify an XN bolt to work.


They also show pre-XN drive blocks to be in stock.


I share your concern.  I got a decent deal on a lightly used gun that resides in the back of the gun safe.  No plans for it other than as a parts gun.  I have well over 3000 rds though my match gun with most of them 1145 fps 1-1/8 oz loads.


I don't know how many rounds your gun has run through it, but if you stay with light loads it may be quite a while before you need parts.



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And...an existing gun can be upgraded to accept XN or match components.

Both of which may still become available  


I did not know this was an option. Though I do not need this done at this time, is it a service you offer?


My match gun is a pre-XN gun Firebird sold through Centerfire Systems as a 922 compliant gun. Its still running strong, but I have a spare upper that could be used for an upgrade.



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wow those guns were built on the cheap as per centerfires direction.


 Ouch.  Oh well, all that remains of the original gun is the upper receiver, barrel, bolt, locking bolt and drive block. Everything else was upgraded a piece at a time.


And its still running.


I'll try to give you a call on the upper.



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