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Regulate Firearms Like Cars? OK....

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I've seen this argument being forwarded around about driving cars being a 'Right' and how firearms should be treated as cars are under the premise that driving a car is the freedom of movement which is an established fundamental constitutional right
Which is utter rubbish, driving a car on public roads has long been established as a privilege, not a 'Right'.
Oh but how they try to twist and redefine to suit their agendas.


OK, then lets regulate cars like we do firearms.

If its good for the goose its good for the gander.

If Cars Were Regulated Like Firearms


You would have to be 21 to buy a 2 door sports car, 18 to buy a station wagon.


You would also have to submit a Form with fingerprints, photos, description of vehicle and intended use and pay a $200.00 fee to the FBI, this Form would also have to signed off by your local CLEO, or you'd need to form a legal Trust, all just to buy a sports car capable of exceeding the speed limit.


You would have to be 21 to buy low octane fuel (pistol ammo) and 18 to buy high octane gas (rifle ammo).


Cars with sporty looking features could be banned at any time, even if they only look like they might be able to exceed the speed limit.


Politicians would want you to have to have a dealership file the paperwork and NICS for a private sale, of course this would cost fees paid to the dealership.


You would have your info sent to the FBI if you bought more than one at a time.


You would have to pass a criminal background check (NICS) before buying one.


You would not be able to use it within 500 feet of someone else's property without permission.


You would not be able to use it or even possess it in federal and state or school property/parking lots.


In certain states you would have to get a license/permit to possess one (even if you are not driving it) which can take up to two years before you find out you were denied.


You would have to present picture ID to buy one.


In some states your gas tank could hold no more than 6-10 gallons depending on jurisdiction.


You would not be able to use/possess it in every state without a license/permit from that state.


You license/permit would only be good for the particular car it was issued for.
You couldn't drive anything else.


If someone committed a crime or killed someone with their car, they'd want to further restrict or ban your car.


If you were convicted or certain crimes you could not own nor drive a car, you could not even live in the same house as someone owning a car and keeping it at their residence.


Politicians would require you to buy Federal Liability Insurance which would be a minimum 1 million dollars. Of course the cost would be prohibitive.


States could tell you which makes/models you can buy.

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Libs are as we know ignorant dumbfucks.


They don't know difference between right/privilege or react/respond.

If they made it half as difficult to get a drivers license as they do a pilots license there would be a shit ton less cars on the road with legal drivers.


There I fixed it.


Less global warming from those evil fossil fuel burners.

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...and cars ownership isn't a Right enumerated (listed) in the Constitution.


If .gov restricted cars like they do arms, we wouldn't have a leg to stand on to bitch about it.


Owning and carrying Arms, of ANY kind is a Right guaranteed by our Creator.


WTF is so hard to understand about that?



Bunch of power-mad fucktard wanna-be third world dictators.

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Not posting much right now but can't help but notice a correlation to pic I'd planned to one day put in the demotivational posters thread..... Nice post chile.post-35606-0-31945700-1444352637_thumb.jpg

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 "Anti-gun" advocates and "gun control" proponents aren't anit-gun at all. It will require countless men with guns to remove guns from society. So actually they are very pro-gun. They just believe that all guns should be under control of only the 1% most powerful wealthiest corporations and governments that back them up. That same government that habitually ignores constitutional law and violates our 1st and 4th amendment rights on not a MASSIVE scale. (NSA/NDAA ringing any bells ?) The sweetest irony of this is, many of these gun-control advocates are the same ones who were part of the "Occupy Wallstreet" movement. They literally want to give all their guns to the people they believe are their enemies. So in reality they aren't anti gun at all. They're anti American, anti-capitalism, and anti-freedom. Do you really think these people can be reasoned with? If you like what I have to say please visit and Like https://www.facebook.com/TheStrike2015

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Cars are regulated and taxed and TITLED at the state level... As well as taxed (NC)....

Interested to see the "justification" to tax or regulate ownership at the national level.... that doesn't run afoul of Amendment #2....

"Common sense" legislation, as it pertains to this political climate is a moot point....

Up until 1964, Americans could order guns through the mail.   In 1968, FFL's became LAW for non person to person transfers..  In 1986, no new machineguns could be transferred to civilians.. even though the registered machinegun has a better safety record than the tricycle....

For the Socialists (democrats) - it's all about getting the guns...  

"Legitimate sporting purpos"e is just a ruse......


But, I am preaching to the choir......




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One of the reasons that I left Maryland, is that they do NOT allow you to own an unliscensed vehicle! I had to junk my 1988 Cherokee Pioneer ( to go with my 1988 Commanche Pioneer) because I could not store it on my own property, 200' from the road. The property standards Nazies had to use binoculars to find it!


 Guns are a GOD given right. Cars- not so much!

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"Traveling" is a right.  "Driving" is a privilege.  Pretty slick and sly if you ask me.  They take a right and twist it into a privilege, then regulate the privilege, the prohibit the privilege.  For example, in Oregon, we think (not sure) that when you license and register you vehicle with the state, you are in fact giving up ownership and control of such vehicle to the state.  Legally you no longer own it.


That is how they enforce such shitty non constitutional things like the vehicle code along with the traffic courts.  Same as the Federal Revenue Service tax courts.  Extremely non legal.  Same with BLM and FS (Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service) monkey courts.  Not a ordinary Constitutional Law Court.  Most of us do not even understand how bad things have gotten.  Rant somewhat complete


Please do not ask how I know this to be true.  Very involved with this right now.  Does not look good.  My feeble point here is that it is so important that we get politically involved and get into the system.  With millions of us doing this, we still can win back our Constitutional Republic.  Don't buy guns.  Select and run good local patriots and statesmen to run for local, state and federal office.  Rant more complete.

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